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Small Postal Boxes

Small mailing gift boxes available in both kraft brown and white. Our kraft brown range includes two piece rigid boxes - perfect for efficient protection for your beautiful products and for a more gifty feel. We also do stock Kraft mailing boxes in a flat packed style which are great if you are low on space as they fold flat and still offer brilliant protection. Our Kraft mailers are brilliant if you need strong protection for your items. Don't just settle for the interior looking great we can also print onto our 2 piece rigid delivery boxes which means you can have your brand name printed on to the mailer for the perfect first impression.

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  1. Small White Postal Box
    140 x 90 x 65 SKU: FMWH06
    £0.19 £0.16
  2. Kraft 1-Piece Thin A6 Postal Gift Box.
    178 x 131 x 22 SKU: FMA6KR22
    £0.41 £0.34 As low as £0.25
  3. White Postal Box For 154 X 150 X 60mm
    154 x 150 x 60 SKU: FMWH03
    £0.49 £0.41 As low as £0.32
  4. White Postal Box For 125 X 114 X 85mm
    125 x 114 x 85 SKU: FMWH02
    £0.54 £0.45 As low as £0.34
  5. White Postal Box For 103 X 85 X 60mm
    103 x 85 x 60 SKU: FMWH01
    £0.42 £0.35 As low as £0.28
  6. Brown Kraft Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box...
    120 x 80 x 45 SKU: RMKR02
    £0.84 £0.70 As low as £0.74
  7. Brown Kraft Rigid 2 Piece Postal Box / Gift Box...
    105 x 70 x 40 SKU: RMKR01
    £0.97 £0.81 As low as £0.83
  8. Kraft 1-Piece Cube Postal Box
    127 x 127 x 127 SKU: FMKRCU
    £0.31 £0.26 As low as £0.19
  9. Kraft Brown Postal Box For Mailing Small Snap...
    158 x 135 x 75 SKU: FMKR12
    £0.36 £0.30 As low as £0.31
  10. Kraft 1-Piece A6 Postal Box
    178 x 131 x 55 SKU: FMKRA6
    £0.46 £0.38 As low as £0.30
Set Descending Direction

10 products found

per page

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