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Candle Boxes

Our gorgeous candle boxes are perfect to hold all sorts of candles ranging from tea lights to luxury glass products.

We love that candles never go out of fashion. The variety available just gets bigger and more exciting and our candle box range reflects that. We at Tiny Box Company think a candle is a perfect gift for just about anyone and choosing our boxes to be as sustainable as possible means you need not worry about your environmental impact. We choose gift boxes with the maximum amount of recycled content possible and to be fully recyclable.

Choose from our cost effective candle box range and see what colours and sizes are suitable for you. We are happy to advise on printing. Click here to see more of our ranges of gift boxes.

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  1. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury Kraft Candle Gift Box
    SQKR85 85 x 85 x 95mm
    £2.60 £2.17
  2. No Insert
    Tub Style Kraft Tube Gift Box
    TUKR02 90 x 70mm
    £1.94 £1.62
  3. No Insert
    Tub Style Black Tube Gift Box
    TUBL02 90 x 70mm
    £1.94 £1.62
  4. No Insert
    Tall Kraft Tube Gift Box
    TUKR04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.32 £1.93
  5. No Insert
    Tub Style Tube Gift Box
    Various 229 x 324 mm
    £1.94 £1.62
  6. No Insert
    Medium Tube Gift Box
  7. No Insert
    Tall Tube Gift Box
    Various 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.32 £1.93
  8. No Insert
    Tub Style White Tube Gift Box
    TUWH02 90 x 70mm
    £1.94 £1.62
  9. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury Lilac Cube Gift Box
    SQLI10 105 x 105 x 105mm
    £2.77 £2.31
  10. Brand OnlineTiny Box MadeNo Insert
    Luxury Plum Cube Gift Box
    SQPL10 105 x 105 x 105mm
    £2.77 £2.31
  11. No Insert
    Tall Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.32 £1.93
  12. No Insert
    Tall Cedar Green Tube Box
    TUCG04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.32 £1.93
  13. No Insert
    Tall Astro Dust Tube Box
    TUDS04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.32 £1.93
  14. No Insert
    Tall Light Pink Tube Box
    TULP04 95 x 95 x 320mm
    £2.32 £1.93
  15. No Insert
    Medium Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV03 75 x 155mm
    £2.08 £1.73
  16. No Insert
    Medium Astro Dust Tube Box
    TUDS03 75 x 155mm
    £2.08 £1.73
  17. No Insert
    Medium Light Pink Tube Box
    TULP03 75 x 155mm
    £2.08 £1.73
  18. No Insert
    Tub Digital Lavender Tube Box
    TULV02 90 x 70mm
    £1.94 £1.62
  19. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury White Candle Gift Box
    SQWH85 85 x 85 x 95mm
    £2.60 £2.17
  20. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury Black Candle Gift Box
    SQBL85 85 x 85 x 95mm
    £2.60 £2.17
  21. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury Grey Candle Gift Box
    SQGR85 85 x 85 x 95mm
    £2.60 £2.17
  22. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury Kraft Cube Gift Box
    SQKR10 105 x 105 x 105mm
    £2.77 £2.31
  23. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury White Cube Gift Box
    SQWH10 105 x 105 x 105mm
    £2.77 £2.31
  24. Brand OnlineNo Insert
    Luxury Grey Cube Gift Box
    SQGR10 105 x 105 x 105mm
    £2.77 £2.31
  25. No Insert
    Grey Cube Pop Up Gift Box
    PUGR10 100 x 100 x 100mm
    £1.07 £0.89
  26. Brand OnlineNo InsertRecyclable Forever
    250ml Black Round Welded Side Seam Tin
    TNBL01 250ml
    £1.90 £1.58