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Product Information

The large recycled tissue paper is a great addition to protect or wrap around your products and gifts. Available in a pack of approximately 480 sheets. Choose from our range of trending colours.

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Large Recycled Tissue Paper - 480 sheets | Standard Colours


The large recycled tissue paper is a great addition to protect or wrap around your products and gifts. Available in a pack of approximately 480 sheets. Choose from our range of trending colours.

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Product StylesDesigned to fit your every need
  • Made from 99% recycled pulp fibres
  • PH resistant, resists running, bleeding and fading
  • Large Tissue Paper available in 480 sheets
  • Trending Colours
  • 18gsm tissue thickness
  • 760 x 510
Large Recycled Tissue Paper - 480 sheets | Standard Colours

Image side - packing filler
Content side - packing filler
Packing Filler
Protect your creations with box and packaging filler such as shredded tissue or raffia
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You're reviewing:Large Recycled Tissue Paper - 480 sheets | Standard Colours
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The large recycled tissue paper is a great sustainable addition when looking to shop for your small business or for personal use. The recycled tissue paper comes in large sheets with the dimensions of 760 x 510 millimetres, making it large enough to wrap around your items or to package with. The tissue paper is available in a pack of 480 sheets with a tissue thickness of 18gsm per sheet. When searching for tissue paper it can be hard to find a colour that is suitable for your business or personal needs, this is why we have chosen a selection of trending colours.

There are a number of ways that the large recycled tissue paper may suit your business packaging or personal needs. For example tissue paper is a great addition for gift wrapping products up in to create an element of surprise for the receiver, whether this is from a gift or receiving a product. Tissue paper can also be used for adding a level of protection to wrapping a product/gift or an alternative use can be by adding it inside your gift packaging as a layer of padding to protect what is inside. If you are looking to gift wrap a box or adding tissue paper to gift bags, the large recycled tissue paper is a great option to create your desired look.

If you are a small business you may be looking for eco friendly tissue paper to wrap your products in, or plastic free paper that you can use to stuff around your product to protect the items in the boxes packaging when in delivery to your customers. Small details when you are a small business will make you stand out from the crowd, especially when using recycled materials to showcase your products in. If you are looking for tissue paper for personal use, the range of coloured tissue paper we offer is a great item for arts and crafts projects, as well as an eco friendly and sustainable one too. The great thing about using recycled tissue paper for crafting is that you can reuse and recycle it from its original purpose.

The eco credentials of our recycled paper is that it is made from 99% recycled pulp fibres. It is PH resistant and there is no risk of the tissue paper running, bleeding or fading onto products or gifts, making it a perfect option for your customers to reuse it after use. Another great eco friendly factor is that approximately 35% of the electricity used to make the tissue paper is produced from renewable sources.

We always love for you to contact us through our reviews section at the bottom of our product pages to leave a comment and review about our products, so that when a future customer is looking to purchase they have tips and understanding of the product being used by likeminded people like them before making their first order.