Packaging in business is super important. Picture this: you’ve been given a gift box with a beautifully tied satin ribbon, foil printed with a beautiful logo on the box. You untie the ribbon, lift the lid and there’s a neatly wrapped object in eco-friendly tissue paper, sealed with a branded label from the business you’ve purchased from. Are you still thinking it’s just a product? No, you’re admiring the time, care and attention to detail that went into wrapping the item you’ve bought, it makes you reevaluate the quality and craft of the product before you’ve even unwrapped it.

Product packaging builds the first impression of your brand and intensifies the excitement for a customer when they’re opening what they’ve purchased. Gift packaging is normally considered an afterthought. However, it’s a truly important element in your brand representation (as well as the obvious protection of the product you’ve spent so long perfecting).

Packaging - The Silent Salesman

You may be thinking to yourself, everything I sell is online, why do I need to spend time considering my gift packaging? Packaging is the silent salesman, that’s why!
It’s the suit you don’t own and the dress you never wear.
More often than not, businesses will look to find the cheapest option without considering the end goal. Creating excitement and anticipation with your packaging is what makes your business memorable, and what comes with a memorable business? Repeat sales!

If a product is wrapped in a brown envelope or a bit of tissue paper, it doesn’t create the same anticipation as something more luxurious and well thought out.
Often when a customer is buying a product that is ethically sourced and considered a sustainable product, they will expect to have this same message translated through the packaging the item arrives in. You wouldn’t expect to receive reems of plastic wrapping and cellophane from a business such as Lush who pride themselves on reducing waste.
Receiving an item that is packaged in line with the brand's ethics will make the customer realise they’ve made the right choice and feel good about their purchase.
The same goes for if your product is a high-end luxury item. As a customer, you’d expect it to come with all the bells and whistles, a drawstring bag within a box filled with branded tissue paper with a foil printed logo on the lid and a welcome note printed on a textured card.
Your packaging sells your business to your customer with a consistent brand message.


Why does packaging matter?

Your customer has spent time picking something and buying from you, shouldn’t you as a seller offer them the same care, time and attention to detail in presenting what they’ve bought in a beautiful and memorable way?
Adding a handwritten note within each order will also add a personalised touch, letting your customer know that you appreciate them buying from a small business.

Packaging is what makes your business recognisable, think about some of the bigger jewellery brands. You would instantly recognise if someone had a turquoise ring box from Tiffany and Co., or a white textured box from Pandora. It works the same way for your business. Consider the typeface, colour scheme, logo, gift boxes and finishing touches to make yourself more noticeable. Ultimately, you want to stand out from the crowd in your marketplace.


How does packaging add value to a product?

Product packaging can add value in so many ways, one example is finding a new use for the gift box you house your products in. Whether that means a mug box becomes the storage container for all of the sharpies on your desk, or a jewellery gift box becomes a new home for your sewing pins and needles, the world is your oyster.
By having your customers reuse your packaging in a domestic environment, there is also the potential of repeat sales as they are constantly reminded of your brand every time they reuse your packaging.

Foil branding is another way to add value to your products. By adding a touch of metallic luxury, your gift boxes or bags can go from plain and simple to bold and brilliant. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your packaging to the next level, why not speak to a knowledgeable member of our Tiny team? As well as affordable, luxury, sustainable gift packaging, we also provide custom branding for ribbons and labels, and foil and digitally printed finishes for your gift boxes and bags.

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