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Our range of medium gift bags are perfect for slightly larger jewellery boxes or accessory boxes.
They are ideal for retail stores, fairs and stalls to ensure your item looks beautiful when bought.
These bags come in a variety of colours and styles and offer a wide choice to suit your brand.


Medium Gift Bags

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Medium Black Gift Bag 24x11x31cm (BLACKMED24)
Medium Black Gift Bag great for event bags,...
Medium Magenta Gift Bag With Twisted Handles 24 x 11 x 31cm (MAGBPH02)
Medium sized Magenta gift bag perfect for...
Medium White Paper Gift Bags With Twisted Handles 24 x 11 x 31cm (SWNT024)
White paper gift bag ideal for boutique shops,...
Kraft Paper Gift Bag With Twisted Handles 26 x 13 x 35cm (SBNT026)
Brown kraft paper bag perfect for events,...