Here at Tiny Box Company we strive to offer you every kind of packaging you could need. This includes a selection of high quality photography boxes in a range of colours and sizes. You should note that measurements given are approximate and reflect internal box measurements. The boxes on this page are rigid, so do not come as flatpack packages.

As the name suggests these boxes can be used for photographs, and they make excellent presentation boxes. But photos aren’t the only things you could present in them, and they could be used for gifts such as jewellery, accessories and a whole multitude of other things. They are strong, well made boxes as we insist on quality in all our products, and you can choose from different colours such as ivory, blue and white.

As you can see from this page there are a number of different sizes in our range of photography boxes, so whatever you intend to package (within reason), you should be able to. If you can’t find what you want, get in touch and we will do our best to find you the ideal packaging for your requirements.

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Photography Boxes
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Large Matt Black Photography Box  250x295x20mm

Luxury Black Presentation Box 250x295x20mm

Luxury black photo presentation box

Photo presentation box for 10 by 12" prints

Small Matt Black Photography Box

Luxury Black Presentation Box 249 x 200 x 20mm

Luxury Black A4 gift box / presentation Box 215 x 310 x 50mm (WPA41BL)

Luxury A4 black gift box with no insert

Black A5 box 230 mm x 165 mm x 50mm  (WPA51BL)

luxury black multi purpose A5 box

Black A6 Box 165 x 116 x 50mm (WPA61BL)

elite range gift box / stationery box no insert

Blue A5 box 230 mm x 165 mm x 50mm (WPA51NB)

luxury Blue multi purpose A5 box

Blue A6 Box 165 x 116 x 50mm (WPA61NB)

elite range A6 blue gift box / stationery box

White Laminated A6 box 165 mm x 116 mm x 35mm  (WPA6WH)

Luxury A6 stationery / jewellery box with black foam insert

White Laminated luxury rigid square box 23 x 23 x 4cm

Square plain white two piece box with laminate finish

Natural A6 Box 165 x 116 x 17mm (WPA62KR)

Kraft natural 2 piece A6 box with black foam insert

Ivory A5 box 230 mm x 165 mm x 50mm (WPA51IV)

luxury ivory multi purpose A5 box

Ivory A6 Box 165 x 116 x 17mm (WPA62IV)

Luxury 2 piece ivory box with black foam insert

Natural Bigger box 165 mm x 116 mm x 35mm  (A6)   (WPA6KR)

elite range 100% recycled jewellery / stationery box
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