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Here we will show you all the products that have just arrived into us, whether they are new colours, sizes, styles or additions to our current ranges. They will all be right here so watch this space!

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White Deluxe Bracelet Box | Hinged Range
214 x 43 x 11mm. These boxes are ideal for watches, bracelets,...
White Deluxe Choker Box | Hinged Range
183 x 183 x 16mm. Ideal for statement necklaces and more.
White Deluxe Deep Bangle Box | Hinged Range
91 x 86 x 35mm. The perfect gift box for watches, statement...
White Deluxe Ring Box | Hinged Range
45 x 45 x 29mm. These ring boxes are the perfect addition...
Aqua Kraft Laminated Paper Bangle Jewellery Box - 89 x 89 x 38 mm (KCAQ20)
Aqua Square Gift Box - This box is perfect for charm bracelets,...
Aqua Kraft Laminated Paper Deep Bangle Jewellery Box - 89 x 89 x 51mm (KCAQ21)
Aqua Square Gift Box - great for chunky statement jewellery,...
Aqua Kraft Laminated Paper Bracelet Jewellery Box - 203 x 51 x 23mm (KCAQ43)
Long Aqua Gift Box, perfect for watches, bracelets or even...
White Deluxe Pendant Box | Hinged Range
83 x 80 x 14mm. The ideal solution for jewellery sets or...
Aqua Kraft Laminated Paper Large Necklace Jewellery Box - 178 x 128 x 32mm (KCAQ80)
Larger Aqua Gift Box - perfect for pendants, notebooks and...