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Who Are We?

The Tiny Box Company

We at the Tiny Box Company believe that luxury and beauty need not be compromised when making ethical packaging choices. Based on this principle, we have carefully hand picked our entire range, which includes recycled jewellery boxes, recycled bags, gift packaging, rigid boxes, acid-free tissue paper, ribbon and more. If you are looking for something “outside the box”, we have extensive experience in working with customers to help them find the perfect bespoke packaging solution for their brand.

Our Story

In 2007, The Tiny Box Company’s founder, Rachel Watkyn, searched for recycled packaging for her range of ethical and fair trade jewellery and accessories. Rachel thought this would be easy. She was wrong. What she did find, after months of research, was that there was an extremely high demand for recycled and ethical packaging but no one to meet that demand. Rising to the challenge, Rachel started up a packaging company with a huge difference. 

Soon after, she met well-known radio broadcaster, Robin Banks, who was out shopping for a box (would you believe?). After a 12 hour meeting, Robin returned home with a share in Rachel’s box company and set to work promoting the business. The idea was innovative enough to capture the imagination of Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones of the BBC’s Dragons Den, who recognized the demand and invested in Rachel’s fledgling company in 2008. 

Nearly ten years later, Tiny Box Company has over 700 products in stock and has over 40,000 customers, ranging from one-person jewellery designers to international corporations. The majority of our recycled packaging is sourced in the USA but where we can, we source from UK box manufacturers. Those products that are sourced abroad are transported by ship rather than aeroplane. This obviously takes longer but is less environmentally damaging.

Our Values

"Individually we can't change the world. But together we can make a Tiny Difference." - Rachel Watkyn, founder of The Tiny Box Company. The ways in which we operate at The Tiny Box Company reflect our core values of ethical and sustainable living. We recycle everything we can, including both staff and business waste. Of course, when we say, “recycle”, we don’t necessarily mean sending our waste away to be pulped at a plant. The Tiny Box Company is very much involved in the community in which it operates and we donate what we can to charities and schools. Any excess stock we cannot return is given to local charity shops. Any products with minor defects or that we cannot use for any reason, as well as boxes and bags used for test prints are donated to local schools for arts and crafts projects. We don’t like to throw things away.

The Tiny Offices are located next to the famous Bluebell steam railway in the small village of Sheffield Park, nestled in the glorious hills of East Sussex. Each of our superb team is always delighted to talk to new and existing customers. Our packaging gurus are always delighted to advise on bespoke boxes, printing and any questions you may have on your gift boxes, jewellery boxes or any other product.

Rachel continues to promote the idea that recycled packaging should be nothing less than excellent in quality and beautiful enough to complement your product.

Read the Tiny Box Blog here.

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