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White 4 Piece Truffle Box

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70 x 70 x 32

Flat-Packed white gloss truffle gift box - perfect for four pre-wrapped truffles or chocolates. Read more

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Product StylesDesigned to fit your every need
  • White Gloss finish
  • The Flat-Packed truffle boxes come in 2 available colours
  • Flat pack one-piece box style
  • Easy to assemble
  • No inserts
  • No glue or tape needed
  • Fully recyclable
White 4 Piece Truffle Box
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These Flat-Packed white gloss truffle boxes are a snug fit for four pre-wrapped truffles or chocolates. The truffle boxes come Flat-Packed and are very easy to assemble. The boxes have a snap lock bottom for added strength, with tuck top lid and are also the perfect size for gourmet candies, fudge or small gifts.

Printing is available on this 4 Piece Truffle Box. We have a minimum order of 50 boxes per size for printing. Please call 01825 723832 for more details or email us on [email protected].