What colours are trending for sustainable packaging in 2024?

As we enter 2024, the world of sustainable packaging options is experiencing a vibrant transformation with a palette that mirrors the dynamic spirit of the times. Radiant Red, Fondant Pink, Cyber Lime, Apricot Crush, Elemental Blue, Digital Lavender and Astro Dust are the stars of this year's colour trends, reshaping the look of packaging across industries.

At Tiny Box Company we are always looking at what's current, coming soon and the packaging trends of the year in order to reach a new brand or to introduce a new and exciting packaging design for our current customers with our choice of ever-evolving coloured packaging materials. Let's dive into the fascinating world of these new trends and explore how they're making waves in the boxes, bags and accessories landscape.

Packaging designs colour trends for 2024

Following on from the recent news of Pantone® announcing their Colour of the Year 2024 as "Peach Fuzz", we will see a huge shift in the popularity of this orangey hue hitting the runway and the shelves of stores very soon. In today's world, the importance of recycled materials and sustainability is at the forefront of a brand and business, but the visual design to a brand is key too, it's the first thing your customers see. So what colours are sparking excitement for brands in the industry of packaging in 2024?

Well, in the kaleidoscope of trends shaping the aesthetic landscape in 2024, a vibrant palette has emerged, reflecting the diverse and dynamic spirit of the times as well as a subtle hint to the retro vibe. Radiant Red, a bold and attention-grabbing hue, takes the lead, symbolising passion and strength. Fondant Pink brings a sweet and charming aura, softening the edges with its warmth and approachability. Cyber Lime injects a futuristic vibe into the mix, resonating with innovation and the fast-paced digital age. Apricot Crush introduces a touch of nature, its ripe orange tones evoking feelings of freshness and vitality. Elemental Blue stands out as a timeless and elegant choice, exuding trust and sophistication. Digital Lavender takes centre stage, merging the tranquillity of lavender with a modern twist, encapsulating the serene yet revolutionary essence of the digital world. Finally, Astro Dust with its dark but bold red hue and hint to the planets will be a top contender in design trends for 2024. Together, these trends weave a tapestry of emotions and aspirations into the packaging world, influencing everything from fashion to design and leaving an indelible mark on the visual landscape of 2024.


Colour Packaging Trends for 2024

Radiant Red: The Bold Statement

This year, packaging trends are making a bold statement with Radiant Red taking the limelight for coloured sustainable alternatives. Symbolising passion, energy, and strength, red packaging demands attention and instils a matter of urgency. Whether it's for food products, cosmetics, or tech gadgets, Radiant Red packaging adds a touch of drama and excitement to branding that captivates consumers' interest and will make a striking move in your brand identity.

Radiant Red Tiny Box Company Packaging


Fondant Pink: A Sweet Affair

In contrast to the boldness of Radiant Red, Fondant Pink introduces a soft and sweet note to packaging design trends. This gentle hue is reminiscent of the popular confectionery, fondant, and evokes feelings of warmth and affection. Fondant Pink packaging is particularly popular in beauty and lifestyle products, creating an irresistibly charming and approachable allure to customers.

Fondant Pink Product Packaging


Cyber Lime: Embracing the Future

As we delve further into the digital age, Cyber Lime emerges as a futuristic colour, symbolising innovation and cutting-edge technology. This electrifying green hue is making waves in the tech and electronic industries, adding a vibrant and modern touch to packaging. Cyber Lime reflects a forward-thinking approach, capturing the essence of the fast-paced digital world and entering into the packaging design world.

Cyber Lime Gift Packaging


Apricot Crush: Nature's Embrace

Apricot Crush brings a touch of nature to packaging designs, infusing warmth and positivity. This soft and inviting orange hue is reminiscent of ripe apricots, building a feeling of freshness and vitality. Apricot Crush is gaining popularity with their packaging design in the food and beverage industry, as well as in health and wellness products, inviting consumers to embrace and create a natural and wholesome lifestyle.

Apricot Crush Packaging Ideas


Elemental Blue: Timeless Elegance

Elemental Blue takes the packaging trend to a new level of sophistication with its timeless and elegant appeal. This classic shade of blue exudes trust, reliability, and a feeling of calmness. Elemental Blue packaging is a versatile choice, suitable for a wide range of products, from luxury goods to everyday essentials, providing a sense of reassurance and refinement.

Elemental Blue Packaging

Digital Lavender: A Tranquil Revolution

Digital Lavender introduces a touch of tranquillity to the packaging landscape. This soothing and calming shade of purple is inspired by the digital world, blending the serenity of lavender with a modern twist. Digital Lavender is a trend gaining popularity in wellness and self-care products, generating a connection between technology and relaxation.

Digital Lavender Packaging

Astro Dust: A deep scarlet Hue from the red planet

Astro Dust emerges as a celestial hue that not only captivates the eye but also aligns seamlessly with the contemporary emphasis on sustainability. This ethereal shade embodies a harmonious blend of cosmic allure and eco-conscious principles, making it an ideal choice for brands at the forefront of new product packaging design trends. Astro Dust's muted, retro undertones evoke a sense of nostalgia, infusing a touch of classic charm into modern aesthetics. As many brands continue to pivot toward sustainable practices, Astro Dust becomes more than just a colour; it becomes a symbol of the commitment to environmental responsibility. Astro Dust's elegance creates a lasting impression for your product packaging, emphasising the fusion of retro design with forward-thinking sustainability allowing brands to not only stay on top of the current trends but also leave an enduring mark on the consumer psyche.

Astro Dust Packaging Colour Trend

The packaging industry colour debate

In 2024, the whole industry of packaging is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the infusion of Radiant Red, Fondant Pink, Cyber Lime, Apricot Crush, Elemental Blue, Digital Lavender, Astro Dust. As well as the trend colours listed above, look out for Nutshell, Galactic Cobalt and Sage Leaf that are also trending for 2024. These trending colours are not just hues; they are a reflection of the diverse moods and aspirations of consumers in the digital era. As more brands embrace these vibrant tones, packaging becomes a canvas for storytelling, expressing the essence of products and captivating the hearts of consumers worldwide. The colour revolution is here, and it's painting a vivid future for the world of packaging.

You can check out our packaging trends for 2024 category filled with all the shades mentioned in this article. Whether you're wanting to evoke emotions of your consumers with the bold shades of Radiant Red, Cyber Lime or Astro Dust or looking for a design approach that is slightly more subtle with Fondant Pink, Apricot Crush or Elemental Blue, we have a variety of packaging all made from eco-friendly materials to make your 2024 one to remember. Create that branding impression for your business that will last for a lifetime with the Tiny Box Company unboxing experience.



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