Through curved faces, these pillow boxes give a different spin on your standard gift box packaging. Eye-catching and round, it fits comfortably into your hand. With the ability to be personalised either through our service or your imagination with ribbons and labels, these can be perfectly tailored to your industry.

Pillow box packaging is set to increase in popularity, and like all trends, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve.

While named the pillow box due to their shape; we wouldn't try getting a night's kip on them as they are a tad small. Such a size that makes them perfect for gifting small items. Here are some industries that could benefit from ethical packaged pillow gift boxes.


Rather than your standard box and lid jewellery box, these are great all in one alternative solution - perfect for small accessories!

You may wonder how you can secure your items to stop them from moving around. Simply cut a piece of cardboard the width of the box and make two slits or two holes at the top for attaching your items.
Alternatively, you can browse our packing accessories for jewellery holders.


For items like small pre-wrapped sweets and chocolates, these are a perfect size. Great for offering little samples of food if you are venturing into a new market, the curved packaging protects the food while being small enough to tuck away for later.

Special Occasions

Pillow favour boxes are the perfect size to slip in a little 'thank you' note alongside some small treats or snacks as your guests settle into their seats. They are small, and their shape will lend them nicely to any table design on a big day.

Prominent in the USA but increasing in popularity in the UK, baby showers and gender reveals are brilliant opportunities to utilise the coveted pillow-shaped box. Get some friendly competition going by decorating the boxes in boy or girl designs and have your guests pick a team. Fill them with blue or pink sweets and see who wins!

Beauty and Cosmetics

These are already widely used in the cosmetics industry as they are attractive, photogenic and can hold travel-sized versions of most products. PR events are ideal opportunities to spread the word about new products via influencers. Customised pillow boxes will reflect your brand, making them photo-ready and hard to resist keeping them as a momentum of the day.

These are also great for mini-sets of items. Around Christmas, beauty brands love to create gift sets which are perfect for surprising beauty lovers (if you are at a loss of what to buy).

These boxes are versatile and popular in many different industries as they're zero-hassle and produced in a flat-pack style. Pop the tabs into place and your good to go! What's even better is that these are fully recyclable and come in three different sizes.

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Printing is available on all small, medium, and large sizes to make your very own.