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Flexi-Hex Pinch Top Postal Box for Bottles

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The Flexi-Hex box is designed for the safe shipping of glass bottles. The box includes an impact resistant layer to protect your bottle. The box is then self sealed with a pinch top creating a safe postal box. The pinch top is made from FSC certified paper. Suitable fit for bottles measuring up to 320mm in height. Pair up with our Flexi-Hex expandable sleeve for extra protection.

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Introducing the latest packaging innovation for protecting glass bottles. The Flexi-Hex box has been designed to ensure safe shipping of glass bottles. Glass packaging is important to get right, nobody wants to receive a bottle in the post shattered into pieces. The Flexi-Hex box has been cleverly manufactured to protect your glass bottle, and make sure it arrives in one piece. Suitable for 1 glass bottle per box up to the maximum height of 320 millimetres and a width of 125 millimetres.

When you receive your Flexi-Hex glass packaging box it will arrive flat packed. Simply tear off the protective layer pad and place it at the bottom of your box, this will act as a protective layer to the bottom of your glass packaging. Add your bottle or recycled glass inside of the box and either use our other Flexi-Hex sleeve or packaging filler like our zig zag paper to protect around the glass bottle. The box comes with a self seal pinch top so no packing tape is needed for your bottle boxes.

The Flexi-Hex box is perfect for the drinks industry or a company that uses bottles or sustainable glass products. Suitable for putting recycled glass bottles, a glass container, glass jars, wine bottles or any forms of sustainable glass bottles in. There is no excess packaging when using the Flexi-Hex box for glass and it is an eco friendly packaging solution to use instead of plastic bags or non recycled materials.

The environmental impact of the Flexi-Hex box for glass is low due to its recycled material and recycling capabilities. The pinch top box is made from FSC certified paper and the added sleeve is made from over 85% recycled pulp. Due to the tape free material and manufacture process, you don't need to use any materials such as packing tape that could cause a hindrance to the recycled and recycling capabilities. The Flexi-Hex box for glass is natural and is plastic-free. The sustainability capabilities of this product are high performing. The Flexi-Hex box for glass is made from raw materials and is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, a kind solution to the environment which will not end up in landfill. Simply add into your home recycling bin or send to an industrial compost centre for the raw materials to naturally biodegrade.

Whether you are a glass company or sell glass containers and produce, the Flexi-Hex box is a sustainable option which is kind to the environment. We love to see how you use our products so please tag us on our social media channels for us to share. If you are reducing your carbon footprint and are part of a sustainable industry that are looking for natural recyclable or material that has been recycled we at Tiny Box Company situated in the UK can help your consumer needs. Sustainability is our focus and we have a range of products that can be reused or simply recycle them after use. Please share your product reviews below for other customers to learn about the quality of our packaging from people like them.

  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Designed for the safe shipping of bottles
  • The pinch top box is made from FSC certified paper 
  • Fits one bottle of a range of different shapes and sizes, up to the height of 320mm
  • Tape free crash lock base


UK Made


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