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E-Commerce Manager

Summary of the role

The Role

The E-Commerce Manager is responsible for the strategic planning, development, and management of Tiny Box Company’s e-commerce operations. This role involves overseeing the online sales platform, optimising the user experience, and maximising revenue through effective digital presence.

Key responsibilities: 

  • E-Commerce Strategy – Develop and execute a comprehensive e-commerce strategy to achieve business goals, including revenue growth, customer acquisition and retention.
  • Website Management – Oversee the company websites ensuring they are user friendly, well maintained and optimised. Monitor site performance, functionality and security.
  • Product Catalogue Management – Responsible for ensuring accurate and up to date product information is displayed on the website. This includes product descriptions, images, pricing and availability.
  • Inventory Management – Co ordinate with the procurement department to ensure stock levels are up to date and collaborate to minimise out of stock situations.
  • Customer Experience – Enhance the online shopping experience, including improving website navigation, check out process and user interface. Ensure a seamless, responsive and mobile friendly design.
  • Digital Marketing – Collaborate with the Marketing Department to ensure digital marketing strategies are supported and executed. This includes SEO, SEM, email marketing and any affiliate programs to drive traffic and increase conversion rates and support enhanced brand visibility.
  • Analytics and Reporting – Analyse website traffic, sales data and customer behaviour to identify trends and make data driven decisions. Generate regular reports to evaluate the performance of e-commerce initiatives.
  • Payment and Security – Ensure secure payment processing and compliance with all relevant online payment standards and regulations.
  • Vendor and Partner Management – Collaborate with external partners and suppliers such as payment processor, third party vendors and service providers to optimise the e-commerce operation.
  • Sales Promotions and Campaigns – Collaborate with the Marketing Department to support promotional campaigns, discounts, and loyalty programs to boost sales and customer retention.