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Kraft Postal Boxes

At Tiny Box Company we have an impressive range of flat-packed boxes, and in this section you will see every one of our Kraft natural brown ones we have available. There are many different sizes to choose from so we are confident you will find mailing boxes to suit your personal needs.

These flat-pack boxes are not only easy to put together but are also handy for storing away. These is no order limit on any of these delivery boxes so if you want either 1 or 100 that is fine with us!

Our mandate is to provide and use as much recycled material as we possibly can so we take particular pride in telling our customers that all of our Kraft brown flat packed mailing boxes are fully recycled.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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  1. Large Slim Snapshut Mailing Box
    420 x 315 x 96mm SKU: FMKR30
    was £1.37 Special Price £0.96 £0.80 As low as £0.76
  2. Slim A4 Flat Mailing Box
    322 x 228 x 22mm SKU: FMA4KR22
    £0.90 £0.75 As low as £0.60
  3. Slim A5 Flat Mailing Box
    238 x 180 x 22mm SKU: FMA5KR22
    £0.66 £0.55 As low as £0.41
  4. Kraft 1-Piece Thin A6 Postal Gift Box.
    178 x 131 x 22mm SKU: FMA6KR22
    £0.41 £0.34 As low as £0.25
  5. Kraft 1-Piece Cube Postal Box
    127 x 127 x 127mm SKU: FMKRCU
    £0.31 £0.26 As low as £0.19
  6. Kraft Brown Postal Box For Mailing Small Snap...
    158 x 135 x 75mm SKU: FMKR12
    £0.36 £0.30 As low as £0.31
  7. Kraft Brown Postal Box For Mailing Deep Snap Shut...
    300 x 235 x 122mm SKU: FMKR22
    £0.84 £0.70 As low as £0.70
  8. Kraft Brown Postal Box For Mailing Medium Snap...
    218 x 175 x 90mm SKU: FMKR16
    £0.64 £0.53 As low as £0.54
  9. Kraft 1-Piece A4 Postal Box
    322 x 228 x 55mm SKU: FMKRA4
    £1.00 £0.83 As low as £0.64
  10. Kraft 1-Piece A5 Postal Box
    238 x 180 x 55mm SKU: FMKRA5
    £0.71 £0.59 As low as £0.44
  11. Kraft 1-Piece A6 Postal Box
    178 x 131 x 55mm SKU: FMKRA6
    £0.46 £0.38 As low as £0.30
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11 products found

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