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25mm Large Round Clear Stickers Roll of 1000

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Large Round Clear Stickers comes in rolls of 1,000. Read more

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Product StylesDesigned to fit your every need
  • On a roll Supplied in a roll of 1000 stickers.
  • Dimensions 25mm diameter clear stickers.
  • Super Sealer Ideal for sealing boxes and bags
25mm Large Round Clear Stickers Roll of 1000
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You're reviewing:25mm Large Round Clear Stickers Roll of 1000
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Large Round Clear Stickers in a roll of 1000 stickers. These stickers measure 25mm in diameter.

These large stickers are perfect to subtly secure a company tag or label to one of our larger boxes.

They are also perfect to attach to the lip of any of our larger boxes to secure them in a clean cut and professional manner for display, fairs, shows and events.

These stickers are a perfect way to secure, personalize and add a little something to any of our boxes, perfect for our large boxes or for larger tags to add a special touch.

Sorry, we cannot print on to these stickers.