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Kraft White Gloss Jewellery Gift Boxes

If you would like to add some style to a jewellery gift then we can help. Here at Tiny Box Company we offer an extensive range of packaging solutions, including these quality white gloss jewellery boxes.
Personal gifts of jewellery usually go down very well, with family, friends and your special someone.

And if you have found a lovely piece to give to somebody, you should package it to make it look extra special. A great way to do just that is with one of our white gloss jewellery boxes, which are also recycled. On the other hand, if you are a jewellery or gift retailer, you might want to invest in stock of these boxes to display and sell your goods. A quality display box can really help make a sale and giving your customers a lovely box with their purchase will encourage them to think well of your enterprise, increasing the chances of repeat business.

These gloss jewellery boxes are also ideal if you run an online business and need to post products to customers.
Take a look at the quality white gloss jewellery boxes available on this page and order online today.

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  1. Kraft White Gloss Very Small Jewellery Gift Box
    51 x 38 x 16mm SKU: KCGW03
    £0.48 £0.40 As low as £0.31
  2. Kraft White Gloss Small Earring Jewellery Gift Box
    62 x 42 x 21mm SKU: KCGW04
    £0.54 £0.45 As low as £0.35
  3. Kraft White Gloss Earring Jewellery Gift Box
    77 x 52 x 25mm SKU: KCGW06
    £0.62 £0.52 As low as £0.38
  4. Kraft White Gloss Thin Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    89 x 89 x 23mm SKU: KCGW18
    £0.77 £0.64 As low as £0.53
  5. Kraft White Gloss Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    89 x 89 x 38mm SKU: KCGW20
    £0.82 £0.68 As low as £0.58
  6. Kraft White Gloss Deep Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    89 x 89 x 51mm SKU: KCGW21
    £0.86 £0.72 As low as £0.41
  7. Kraft White Gloss Bracelet / Watch Jewellery Gift Box
    203 x 51 x 23mm SKU: KCGW43
    £0.76 £0.63 As low as £0.49
  8. Kraft White Gloss Small Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    138 x 89 x 25mm SKU: KCGW14
    £0.84 £0.70 As low as £0.55
  9. Kraft White Gloss Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    178 x 128 x 32mm SKU: KCGW80
    £1.31 £1.09
Set Descending Direction

9 products found

per page