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Kraft White Swirl Jewellery Gift Boxes

A collection of kraft white recycled jewellery / boxes made from 100% recycled fibres and 100% green hydroelectricity. Each box has a very faint white swirl pattern for added luxury effect. This white box range is perfect for wedding favours, jewellery items, corporate gifts and home craft items. With a collection of white jewellery boxes in different sizes, these boxes are also perfect for retail packaging and can be branded by our printing department.

Made ethically within the Western world.

Please note that all measurements given are approximate and are internal box measurements

All boxes in this range are rigid boxes and therefore do not come flat packed.
Please click on the individual products to display volume discounts.

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  1. Kraft White Swirl Square Jewellery Gift Box
    105 x 105 x 25mm SKU: KCWS44
    £0.90 £0.75 As low as £0.65
  2. Kraft White Swirl Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    89 x 89 x 38mm SKU: KCWS20
    £0.85 £0.71 As low as £0.38
  3. Kraft White Swirl Deep Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    89 x 89 x 51mm SKU: KCWS21
    £0.94 £0.78 As low as £0.41
  4. Kraft White Swirl Bracelet / Watch Jewellery Gift Box
    203 x 51 x 23mm SKU: KCWS43
    £0.89 £0.74 As low as £0.34
  5. Kraft White Swirl Small Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    138 x 89 x 25mm SKU: KCWS14
    £0.89 £0.74 As low as £0.55
  6. Kraft White Swirl Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    178 x 128 x 32mm SKU: KCWS80
    £1.34 £1.12
  7. Kraft White Swirl Small Earring Jewellery Gift Box
    62 x 42 x 21mm SKU: KCWS04
    £0.61 £0.51 As low as £0.30
  8. Kraft White Swirl Earring Jewellery Gift Box
    77 x 52 x 25mm SKU: KCWS06
    £0.64 £0.53 As low as £0.38
  9. Kraft White Swirl Small Jewellery Gift Box
    95 x 70 x 32mm SKU: KCWS08
    £0.80 £0.67 As low as £0.58
  10. Kraft White Swirl Small / Medium Jewellery Gift Box
    110 x 82 x 35mm SKU: KCWS10
    £0.98 £0.82 As low as £0.71
  11. Kraft White Swirl Thin Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    89 x 89 x 23mm SKU: KCWS18
    £0.77 £0.64 As low as £0.55
  12. White Swirl Bracelet Box / Watch Box
    255 x 53 x 25mm SKU: KCW210
    £0.94 £0.78 As low as £0.62
Set Descending Direction

13 products found

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