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Wedding Ring Boxes

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  1. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    Black Embossed Recycled Ring Box
    RIBL31 40 x 40 x 31mm
    £0.90 £0.75
  2. Brand OnlineFoam Insert
    White Swirl Recycled Ring Box
    RIWH31 40 x 40 x 31mm
    £0.90 £0.75
  3. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury Black Ring Box
    RIBL40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  4. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury White Ring Box
    RIWH40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  5. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Fondant Pink Ring Box
    RIFP40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  6. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Apricot Crush Orange Ring Box
    RIAC40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  7. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Elemental Blue Ring Box
    RIEB40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  8. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Radiant Red Ring Box
    RIRR40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  9. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Lilac Ring Box
    RILI40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  10. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury Kraft Natural Ring box
    RIKR40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  11. Brand OnlineFoam InsertBestseller
    Luxury Grey Ring Box
    RIGR40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  12. Foam Insert
    White Ring Drawer Gift Box
    DRRIWH 50 x 50 x 38mm
    £1.19 £0.99
  13. Brand meFoam Insert
    Luxury Forest Green Ring Box
    RIFG40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.19 £0.99

14 products

14 of 14 results

per page
Set Descending Direction
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Wedding Ring Boxes

Whether you're planning your own wedding, or a jeweller looking for the perfect way to deliver your handmade rings safe and sound, Tiny Box Company has a range of ring boxes to suit you, making sure that every detail is perfect. Often overlooked, finding the right wedding ring box is an absolute must. The right ring box can add that extra touch of elegance to make your ring stand out; from safe and sound in your coat pocket on the big proposal night, all the way down the aisle. If you're looking for the perfect wedding ring box you've come to the right place!

Why You Need a Wedding Ring Box

A wedding ring box is more than just a pretty accessory. It serves an important function in protecting your rings during transportation and storage. The last thing you want is to lose or damage your precious rings on your wedding day. A wedding ring box ensures that your rings are safe and secure, while also adding to the overall aesthetic of your wedding. The right packaging can help turn a gift into the perfect moment.

Choosing a Wedding Ring Box

When choosing a wedding ring box, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you find the perfect one for your needs.


The material of your wedding ring box can impact the overall look and feel. We offer a range of wedding ring boxes from classic cubes to shoulder boxes, in a range of different colours and styles.


Make sure to choose a box that can comfortably fit your rings. You don't want a box that is too small, which can lead to damage or loss of your rings. We stock a range of boxes that utilise foam inserts to safely store the ring inside.


Whether you're buying for yourself or your business, a unique wedding ring box can help take that special day one step further. Many of our ring boxes can be personalised with custom designs, with either foil or digital printing. Whether your wedding theme or business is going for a clean, modern look, or a classic design, or even if you'd just like the wedding date or initials printed on the lid, we've got you covered.

Choosing the perfect wedding ring box may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big impact on your special day. Consider the factors above and explore the top options available to find the perfect ring box that matches your style and needs. With the right wedding ring box, your rings will be safe and secure, and you'll add an extra touch of elegance to your wedding day.

Buying Ethical and Eco-Friendly Wedding Ring Boxes through Tiny Box Company

Did you know that all ring boxes sold by The Tiny Box Company have a minimum of 40% recycled content? We meticulously search for materials that will leave as little impact on the planet as possible, leaving you satisfied that you've done your bit to help protect the environment.

Personalising your wedding ring boxes through Tiny Box Company

The personalisation process starts with your design. Whether it be your branding and logo, the bride and groom's initials, a photo or the wedding date, we can print in a range of different foil colours and finishes, as well as digital printing in any colour you can think of. Once you have your design, you can get in touch with our skilled customer service and sales team, who will help guide you through the process and provide a free quote.

Whilst both are a great option and if you're looking to personalise a smaller number of ring boxes, it's worth knowing that whilst there is no minimum order quantity for our digital printing service, our foil printing service has a minimum order quantity of 50 boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Wedding ring boxes and engagement ring boxes are the same thing, right?

A: Yes! There's absolutely nothing stopping you from using one of our wedding ring boxes as an engagement ring box, the sky's the limit!

Q: Can my wedding ring boxes be customised to fit my wedding themes?

A: Absolutely! With our printing service, you can add any number of customisations to your ring boxes, including accessories like printed labels or ribbon to really tie everything together.

Q: Can I put multiple wedding bands into a single box?

A: Our wedding ring boxes come with a soft foam insert designed to hold a single ring, and so we recommend having a separate wedding ring box for each wedding band as while the box is sturdy enough to help prevent damage to the wedding rings inside from being bumped, scraped and dropped, it's possible that multiple rings within the same box may be scratched by one another.

Q: What do I do with the box after the wedding ceremony?

A: That's completely up to you! Our boxes are strong enough to be used over and over again, and so can be used for years or even generations to come. If you decide that you no longer need your ring box, you can simply choose to recycle them along with the rest of your household recycling, or alternatively give them a new life by using them as arts and crafts materials.

Looking for a fully bespoke wedding ring box?

With our bespoke packaging factory in Cornwall right here in the UK, Tiny Box Company is able to handle everything you may need! Whether it's the most luxurious and delicate velvet-lined engagement ring box or a classic heart shaped box with a hidden message for storing and displaying your wedding or engagement rings. Our sister company, Tiny Box Maker, offers a completely bespoke box-making service, so you can customise every aspect of your packaging, tick off all your essentials and make sure that your packaging suits you and your brand perfectly with a box that's crafted to your exact specifications whatever shape or style. To find more details please follow this link here.


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