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Summer Eco Friendly Food Safe Picnic Kit for 6 People

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Sustainable picnic kit for a family of 6. Our picnic kit includes recyclable half pint cups, compostable food boxes, compostable plates, compostable wooden cutlery, recyclable white napkins and biodegradable straws.

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The perfect eco friendly picnic hamper is here. Are you a family of 6 or looking for a small picnic set for summer, our eco friendly picnic hampers are perfect for taking to the beach, park, to use at home or at a party, just make sure to dispose of correctly after use. Our set of 6 sustainable picnicware kits are made up of recyclable half pint cups made from recycled materials, compostable food boxes, compostable plates, biodegradable wooden cutlery, biodegradable straws and white napkins that can be recycled after use. Our set of picnic kits are placed inside a food safe bag which can be recycled and then put into a cardboard box for delivery.

When the sun is out the BBQ's begin which can result in a lot of rubbish and waste that can end up in landfill, resulting in a large environmental impact. When choosing your food storage and packaging for your summer picnic or BBQ party, think about the ways in which you can reuse items and reduce the amount of single use plastic waste. You can still have fun but remember to be kind to the environment in the process.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee will be a huge event for many celebrating with snacks, cakes and sandwiches at their picnics, street parties and home garden celebrations with their friends and families. However, this will result in a lot of waste from food scraps, party decorations and leftover packaging. We have put together a collection of sustainable picnic items that include some plastic free products that are a great alternative to most high-street picnic kit offerings, they can all be disposed of in an eco friendly manner after use.

The family of 6 picnic kit's are made up of eco friendly and sustainable products. We have included a range of eco friendly alternatives to plastic wrap food packs, making it easy for you to dispose of to help your carbon footprint. The 9" plates are made from a material called Bagasse. Bagasse is also known as sugarcane fibre, meaning they are disposable, and will biodegrade inside a compost bin. By using reusable plates that you can recycle you don't then have to use your dishwasher or have a designated wash person after your picnics. The forks, knives and spoon cutlery set is made from birchwood, which is a renewable material that can be recycled and will biodegrade. Wooden cutlery is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cutlery sets. The soft white paper napkins are 2ply and have good absorbing qualities to wipe up any spills, they can also be fully recycled. The food boxes are also made from Bagasse, a 100% sugarcane fibre and are suitable for hot, cold, wet or oily foods. The food boxes are perfect for packing away any leftovers like meat, cheese, salad, cheese scones, vegetables or fruits, simply pop into the box and place inside your fridge. They are also fully compostable after use due to their sugarcane material, simply throw them in your compost bin or send to an industrial composting site. The half pint cups are made from recycled materials and are perfect when drinking wine, beer or soft drinks. They can also be fully recycled. If you are a tea drinker and like your drinks hot then these cups may not be suited to you, but if you like drinks cold then fill them with any liquid substance of your choice, whether that's wine, beer or juice. The straws are biodegradable and are made from naturally occurring fibres that are from the wheat production. A bonus is they are non-porous, meaning they won't go soggy like a paper straw. The picnic kits are packaged inside a food safe bag which can be recycled and then placed into a cardboard delivery box.

Save money with our eco friendly picnic pack. Just make sure to dispose of them in the correct manner, whether that's adding them into your recycling bin, or putting inside your compost heap after you've finished your light picnic lunch.

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  • Family of 6 sustainable picnic kit
  • 6 x Fully recyclable half pint cups made from recycled materials
  • 6 x Compostable food boxes made from 100% sugarcane fibres - 160 x 120 x 50mm
  • 6 x Compostable 9” plates made from 100% sugarcane fibres
  • 6 x Compostable wooden cutlery set made from birchwood
  • 6 x Fully recyclable white napkins 2ply - 33 x 33
  • 6 x Biodegradable straws made from fibres of wheat production - non-porous and will not go soggy like paper alternatives




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