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Who Are We
Who Are We
Who are we? Welcome to Tiny Box Company! We understand the difficulties in starting a new business, we've been there! We know what support you need to grow and all the quirky and unconventional ways in which to do so to get your desired outcome. We're not a boring packaging company, we offer 1-1 free support clinics as well as consultations to help you get where you need to be to give the best first impression to your customers.


Tube Boxes feat. Imposter Syndrome?

I’m sure when you first set up your business there was a looming sense of not knowing where to begin and the dread of not fitting in, it may be a long and distant memory - or you may be starting up and finding your feet as we speak.
It’s a place many of us find ourselves in; sitting at your desk in an exam hall staring at your paper, carefully sharpening your pencil for the sixth time (maybe once more, just to really make sure it’s pointy enough), doubting your abilities before you’ve even begun.
Enter stage right, the dreaded feeling of Imposter Syndrome.
We get it and we’re here for you every step of the way, like our tube boxes - starting out in a website full of square boxes, we’ll help get your venture rolling so you can begin to use your imposter syndrome to your advantage.


growing biz Growing Businesses Ready to move to the next step? If your business is growing and you've done many happy dances, we're here to support you in how to evolve your packaging game.


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Magnetic Gift Boxes Gift cards to hampers, snap up your sleek magnetic boxes. Browse range
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Postal Range Box, bag or wrap; we got you. Browse range
Consultations Let us help support your packaging journey by booking a consultation or free Tiny clinic with us.