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Gift Ideas and Packaging for Mother's Day.

 by tia on 03 Mar 2015 |
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Gift Ideas and Packaging for Mother's Day

The day is approaching for that special lady in your life, so she deserves only the best and most importantly this needs to be packaged perfectly to impress.

We have put together a few gift ideas as well as some lovely packaging to go with them for Mother's Day.

First things first, a want for most ladies out there...jewellery!
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and if you've chosen a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings we have packaging perfect to suit all.

Whether its sparkly, classic, boho or even handmade we have a variety of colours and gift boxes great for all styles.

Below we have chosen some of our classic gift boxes along with ribbon and tissue paper for a splash of colour.


Necklace box - Luxury White Choker Box: this box can hold either a statement piece or jewellery set.

Box Used: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/p/8961637/luxury-white-laminated-choker-necklace-box-160-x-160-x-40mm-mmsqwh16.html

Earring and Ring Boxes - Luxury White Earring Box: this box is great for drop or stud earrings, these boxes come in two depths perfect for posting efficiently or simply wrapping and handing to that special lady. Pair with pink or purple ribbon for a feminine touch.
- Luxury White Ring Box: these boxes come with a luxury black foam insert designed to hold many ring types. These boxes are available in many colours for that perfect finish.

Boxes used:


Make Up and Beauty

The next on the list for gift ideas has to be make-up or beauty products.
A woman is at a loss without a bit of pampering so whatever beauty item or lipstick you are searching for, the ideal packaging is essential.

Luxury Earring Box - this box is primarily used for earrings but can be used for any purpose needed and it so happens a lipstick fits perfectly! (Be sure to measure the lipstick first as some can vary in size)

These boxes come in various depths and colours. For that personalized finish, pair with some ribbon and a handmade tag and your lady will be more than impressed.

Box Used: 

White Flat-packed Clear Lidded Box - These boxes are perfect to display any beauty or gift item. With a lightweight clear lid this is a lovely classic box to decorate and personalize. These fit miniature beauty items perfectly or choose the larger size for the larger full sized beauty products. 

Box Used: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/p/8960236/small-white-flat-packed-recycled-gift-box-with-clear-lid-120-x-85-x-50mm-clrwh120.html

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and clothing accessories are a great gift for your special lady to receive something picked from you that they can wear and show off. 

Luxury White Square Box - These boxes are the perfect size for a lightweight scarf or accessory set. These do not have an insert so you can line the box with coloured tissue paper for that extra splash of colour to sit the item on top of, or simply fold the tissue paper over the top for something to unravel. 

Box Used: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/p/8729332/white-laminated-luxury-rigid-square-box-23-x-23-x-4cm.html

Handmade Gifts

Last but not least has got to be the most precious gift of all and that is a handmade keepsake. There is nothing more touching that a truly handmade gift, whether it is a painting, jewellery, ceramic or even a family picture we have various style boxes perfect for every gift.

Family Collage

Black Embossed Tie Box - These boxes are not only suitable for clothing; they have a long, narrow shape making them perfect for handmade prints, paintings or collages. They have a beautiful embossed finish giving them a beautiful luxurious finish. Pair this with some brightly coloured tissue paper and ribbon for a colour pop.

Box Used: http://www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk/p/1135058/black-tie-box-355-x-115-x-2cm-tb01.html

That is everything we think would be a great gift for that special lady as well as the most suitable packaging to match, how easy was that?!
This is mainly just for a little inspiration, we have much faith that you will make it your own to give that lady the best that she deserves on Mother's Day.

Bye for now, Tiny Box Team x



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