5 marketing tasks that ChatGPT can help you with 

ChatGPT - whether you’re for it or against it, it’s here to stay. It could be argued that if you don’t at least try it out and see what it can do for you then you might be missing an opportunity. 

ChatGPT is a text response service that will answer questions for you or perform certain tasks. It can be a powerful time-saving tool and can help you create content, analyse data from websites and perform research.

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The trick to getting the best from ChatGPT is to give it very specific instructions. Treat the tool as though it is your PA. Always tell it how many words you want, what tone of voice to use and what key topics you want to include. Remember to give it a call to action. It’s also important to note that the service has no data after 2021, so information it provides may be out of date.


Here are 5 ways that ChatGPT can save you time:

1. Summarise like a pro

ChatGPT’s ability to summarise web pages, reports and articles may be one of its greatest assets. Need to write a social post or a comment on a news report but don’t have time to read it? Give ChatGPT a URL, or paste in the text, and ask it to summarise the page in 100 words. Do remember to check facts, as the tool can sometimes get confused.

2. Get your Tweet on

All Tweeters are sometimes completely at a loss as to how to get their point across in just 280 characters. Enter ChatGPT. Ask it to rewrite a paragraph in 280 characters. Remember to include hashtags and links. There’s a little caveat here: ChatGPT's understanding of 280 characters isn’t always accurate. More often than not, you have to edit the results slightly but it makes a good start.

People working at a desk - ChatGPT and Twitter

3. Step-by-Step Made Simple

Whether you wish to communicate a process or you need one explained to you, ChatGPT is your friend. Want to give your audience a step-by-step guide to optimising a LinkedIn profile? It can do that for you.Need to understand how to create a WordPress post? Feel out of your depth? Ask it to explain it to you as though you’re five years old. You can also tell it how many steps you want in the process and how many words to use. This is useful if you want to publish the guide.

4. Plan your content calendar

When you’re stuck for ideas on what to post on social media, ChatGPT has your back. Use its powers to create a weekly content calendar. However, finding your unique style is key, so don't ask it to write the actual content. Instead, leverage its creativity to brainstorm ideas and outline your schedule. From there, you can inject your personality, craft captivating posts and engage your audience.

5. Blogging help

Blogging can be a time-consuming endeavour but ChatGPT can help, given the right instructions. Tap into its genius by using it to create a blog outline tailored to your topic. But here's the secret sauce: closely monitor the keywords and content it generates. Its information isn’t always accurate and that you need to inject the content with your own tone of voice. Take the time to edit and refine. ChatGPT provides a helpful starting point, but it's your unique touch that will transform it into a masterpiece.

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Get talking to ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a lot of time-saving potential but needs the right instructions. Without sufficient information, the content that the tool produces can be a bit vague. Sometimes, there is the risk of spending more time instructing it than you will save. Therefore, it’s worth investing the time to get familiar with its capabilities. However, the right prompts can produce worthwhile results.

Why not give it a try? See if it can save you valuable time on arduous tasks. Just remember to check absolutely everything that it returns.