For small businesses, the November shopping extravaganza is more than just a day — it's an opportunity to shine and capture new customers.

This is the second part of our handbook of small business Black Friday ideas. This article covers some of the more practical aspects of planning for the big event. Part 1 of our Black Friday guide showed how for a small business, Cyber Monday is just as important as Black Friday. Therefore, it shouldn’t be ignored in your Black Friday preparation. Remember that you are planning for more than just one day.

Get ready, as we reveal more ideas for a successful Black Friday.

Strengthen your workforce

Strengthen your workforce

As the Black Friday frenzy ensues, having the right team in place is essential and you might need to make your small business a bit bigger. An increase in customer interactions, order processing, and inquiries can demand additional labour.

Consider scheduling extra staff or extending shifts to ensure a seamless customer experience. Well-prepared staff can efficiently handle the increased workload and provide exceptional service, giving customers a memorable experience.

Virtual assistants can be a huge asset to small businesses at busy times.  Hiring one to handle admin tasks will save you the hassle and expense of employing staff for a short period. A good VA can handle anything from taking orders to managing your social media.

Stock Up on Essentials


Efficient order fulfilment is a cornerstone of a successful Black Friday. You are more likely to capture new customers if products reach customers promptly and in perfect condition. To achieve this, it's essential to stock up on essential supplies well in advance.

It goes without saying that your postal boxes should be super protective and fit your products snugly. Tiny Box Company ‘s range of postal boxes has sturdy boxes in a wide variety of shapes and you can also source your packing accessories from the same website. For larger deliveries, plastic-free transparent paper wallets will neatly house all the necessary documents.

Make sure that you have all your supplies ordered and prepared. Don’t forget that your suppliers will be preparing for the busy season as well.

Plan for Returns

Plan for returns

Prepare for the inevitability of returns and exchanges during Black Friday by developing a clear plan. Craft a water-tight policy outlining return conditions and timelines and ensure it's communicated well in advance to both staff and customers.  

In terms of your brand reputation, handling returns well is as important to your customers as handling orders well. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have processes in place for logging and handling returns. Make sure staff are trained.

Create Anticipation

Building anticipation around your Black Friday offers can ignite excitement and engage your customers.

Consider offering exclusive early access to loyal customers or subscribers. This not only rewards their loyalty but also generates buzz and encourages new sign-ups.

You can also implement a drip-feeding strategy to unveil your deals gradually. Instead of revealing everything at once, stagger the release of offers throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This approach keeps customers engaged, prompting repeated visits to your website, and maximizing the impact of your promotions.

Be Agile


Where small businesses really shine is in their ability to be agile. Black Friday can be a whirlwind, demanding adaptability and quick thinking.

Having all your processes, stock and inventory in place will allow you to monitor progress in real time. However, you need to be able to deal with unexpected changes quickly. Swiftly address any hiccups and be prepared to shift your strategy as needed.

Staying nimble ensures you're always one step ahead and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Are you seeing a theme in both Part 1 and Part 2 of this guide? Yep, it’s preparation.

By stocking up on essential supplies, optimising your workforce and generating anticipation, you can maximize the opportunities this day offers. The best way to manage this is to map out the processes now. Create any timelines or calendars that you need and set the wheels in motion.

Remember, Black Friday is not just a day—it's a chance to make a lasting impact and set the stage for a successful holiday season for your small business.

Good luck!