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If you would like to professionally pack your gifts and other items then the secret ingredient you need is raffia and other types of filler. This is the stuff that fills out a gift box or bag and makes it a real treat to root through for the shopper or gift recipient.

Here at Tiny Box Company we are masters of packaging and can offer you everything you could need to create a dream gift box or bag. Of course that includes a selection of raffia and other filler, all of which is made from natural ingredients.

Raffia is a natural straw from Madagascar and you can choose from straw coloured raffia or natural bright red raffia, which is a great way to add some extra colour to a gift. Another option is our natural fine wood filler, made from quality Aspen wood. Filler is a fantastic way to add some magic to a gift for a loved one, or to make a customer in a shop feel even more pleased and excited with their purchase. And the good news is that you can buy a large amount of raffia and filler for very little money. 

Raffia and filler

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Natural raffia - 230 gram bag
Natural straw raffia from Madagascar
Red raffia - 180 gram bag
Natural red straw raffia from Madagascar

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