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Digital printing is a great alternative to foil printing, especially if you only need a one-off sample for your business. Digital print allows the flexibility of full-colour print as well as full coverage print too.

At Tiny Box Company, we offer two options for digital print. This includes our Tiny Box Designer, which you can find here. This service is available on 18 selected food safe boxes and can be designed and completed, by you, from the comfort of your home or office.

The second option is to use our in-house digital printing service, this is available on the large majority of Tiny Box products! Our in house design team can help you create or amend existing designs or artwork, and our skilled in house printers can advise on the best colours for each box and provide you with any guidance you need to acheive the best outcome for your packaging.

Digital print is ideal if you’re looking to print full colour logos, photos or designs and has a fast turnaround time. 



Whether you're looking for a box for a loved one, or a one-off box for your new product launch meeting, digital printing is for you.

With great flexibility of designs and colours, our in-house digital printing is a great way to make our stock boxes stand out.

Digital printing does not require any set-up fees so can be a cost effective way to create small runs of custom boxes.

For more information on prices, please contact Nicky, our in-house digital specialist using the button below.