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  1. Luxury White Large Square Accessory Gift Box
    SQWH20 200 x 200 x 100mm
    £3.80 £3.17 As low as £2.24
  2. Large Recycled Azure Blue Tissue Paper - approx 240 Sheets
    TPAZL2 760 x 510mm
    £13.46 £11.22
  3. Large Recycled Light Pink Tissue Paper - approx 240 sheets
    TPLPL2 760 x 510mm
    £13.46 £11.22
  4. Baby Pink Grosgrain Ribbon With White Stitching 16mm width
    ST15PI16 15m x 16mm
    £7.48 £6.23
  5. Luxury White Ring Box
    RIWH40 52 x 52 x 40mm
    £1.08 £0.90 As low as £0.62
  6. Kraft Aqua Small Earring Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ04 62 x 42 x 21mm
    £0.62 £0.52 As low as £0.30
  7. Kraft Aqua Earring Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ06 77 x 52 x 25mm
    £0.66 £0.55 As low as £0.41
  8. Kraft Aqua Thin Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ18 89 x 89 x 23mm
    £0.78 £0.65 As low as £0.49
  9. Kraft Aqua Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ20 89 x 89 x 38mm
    £0.88 £0.73 As low as £0.55
  10. Kraft Aqua Deep Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ21 89 x 89 x 51mm
    £0.97 £0.81 As low as £0.58
  11. Kraft Aqua Bracelet / Watch Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ43 203 x 51 x 23mm
    £0.92 £0.77 As low as £0.46
  12. Luxury Grey Bangle Box 25mm depth
    BAGR25 93 x 93 x 25mm
    £1.36 £1.13
  13. Kraft Aqua Small Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ14 138 x 89 x 25mm
    £0.92 £0.77 As low as £0.55
  14. Kraft Aqua Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    KCAQ80 178 x 128 x 32mm
    £1.38 £1.15 As low as £0.89
  15. Slate Dark Grey Double Faced Satin Ribbon 15mm
    DS20DG15 20m x 15mm
    £5.98 £4.98
  16. Dark Grey Double Faced Satin Ribbon 25mm
    DS20DG25 20m x 25mm
    £6.79 £5.66
  17. Large White Gable Box
    FGWH22 226 x 122 x 96mm
    £0.94 £0.78 As low as £0.66
  18. Large Kraft Gable Box
    FGKR22 226 x 122 x 96mm
    £0.94 £0.78 As low as £0.66
  19. Small Kraft Gable Box
    FGKR15 150 x 100 x 96mm
    £0.78 £0.65
  20. Small White Gable Box
    FGWH15 150 x 100 x 96mm
    £0.78 £0.65
  21. Double Faced Satin Ocean Blue Ribbon 10mm width
    DS20OC10 20m x 10mm
    £5.54 £4.62
  22. Double Faced Satin Ocean Blue Ribbon 15mm width
    DS20OC15 20m x 15mm
    £5.98 £4.98
  23. Kraft Pink Bangle Jewellery Gift Box
    KCPI20 89 x 89 x 38mm
    £0.88 £0.73 As low as £0.55
  24. Kraft Pink Small Necklace Jewellery Gift Box
    KCPI14 138 x 89 x 25mm
    £0.92 £0.77 As low as £0.55

36 products

36 of 36 results

per page
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Easter. A time of bunnies, chocolate eggs and Easter gifts. And gifts mean the need for Easter gift boxes. Thankfully you can choose from a wide range of seasonal gift boxes here at Tiny Box Company. We try to provide you with everything you could need to package your Easter gifts, whether you are an individual wanting to give a special present, or a retailer wanting to package your products in attractive, suitable packaging.

Easter gift boxes are a great way to make your presents for family and friends more special. Just take a look at the various packages available on this page and choose the most suitable ones for the gifts you want to give, whether you are buying chocolate eggs, sweets or even something more special like jewellery.

If you are a retailer selling Easter gifts then it is even more important to offer your customers a choice of appropriate packaging. The Easter packaging options available here at Tiny Box Company are ideal for this time of year, so peruse the products on this page and feel free to place your order online today.

Easter gift boxes

Easter, a time for chocolate, easter egg hunts, roast dinners, and indulging in the things you gave up for Lent. Easter doesn't have to just be a fun time for the kids, it's great for adults too. Another opportunity to send a gift to the loved ones in your life will ensure they know you're thinking of them.

Easter Egg Hunts

What better way to entertain the kids over Easter than challenging them to find little chocolate eggs you've strategically hidden all over your house and garden? It keeps them amused for a while and hearing the shouts of glee as they run from room to room is enough to keep them smiling until tea time.

Wanting to avoid the arguments over who has more chocolate this Easter? Give the kids a gable box each to house their chocolate treasure and let them decorate them beforehand so they know which box belongs to who.

Crown your winner this Easter - whoever has the most eggs in their easter egg box wins a handmade rosette made from our double-faced satin ribbon, there's nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition after all!

If you're not into the idea of boxes, why not go for some gift bags to carry around the eggs they find on their hunt instead?

Easter via Mail

Whether you are near or far, Easter should be celebrated, it's a holiday that revolves around chocolate after all! Even if it means sending a letterbox easter egg to a relative or friend. Fill an A4 postal box with some chocolate for melting, some egg decorations, and an Easter Egg mould for creating your very own Easter eggs at home. Alternatively, for the adults, there is always the good old-fashioned option of sending a handful of creme eggs, milk chocolate and flowers to brighten up their home since Spring has sprung!

If you're gifting an adult this Easter, why not send them a bottle of their favourite alcoholic beverage in one of our bottle boxes, an ideal gift box for special occasions or events.

Easter Dinner

Let's be completely honest here, who doesn't love a hearty Easter roast dinner after a long weekend of fun and games with the kids? Easter dinner is a great opportunity to give your easter gifts to your loved ones at the dining table. Managed to get something for the wife in time? Those lovely sparkling diamond studs she's been hinting at would look great in our Luxury Earring Jewellery Gift Box. Gift the kids some easter treasure boxes for them to find after dinner, use our medium magnetic gift boxes to fill with all the chocolate treasure you can manage.

Our organza bags are great for popping lots of mini eggs inside as nice little table favours to snack on after dinner. Alternatively, to keep the chocolate theme going, have some single truffle boxes at every place setting for a little after-dinner treat.

Online Easter Party

Try something different this year by hosting an online easter party for the kids to see their friends and relatives. Get the cousins together to play games and challenges over Zoom. Hand out Easter party boxes for the kids, involve activities, quizzes, colouring kits and loads more to keep them occupied over the long weekend. Easter party boxes can be big or small, or somewhere in between, we recommend our kraft shoe boxes, big enough to fit all the activities you require and can be decorated afterwards and turned into a memory box for the kids.

Easter Hamper Boxes

When is a better time to gift hamper boxes than at Easter? We've got a huge selection of potential Easter hamper boxes for you to choose from to gift to someone at home, or send out to someone you couldn't be with in person this occasion. Fill your Easter hamper with gifts such as alcohol, sweet treats, chocolate, candles and other food and drink, finish off the hamper with some colourful tissue paper and double-faced satin ribbon. Our magnetic gift boxes make for excellent hamper boxes as they are spacious, luxurious and durable for transport.

Easter Craft Boxes

It's time to get messy! Let the kids decorate some boxes to keep in their rooms for memories of a fun Easter. Decorate our Deep kraft a4 easter gift boxes with glitter, marker pens, photographs or paint their names on the lids to pack in their activity sheets from their online easter party. Rename the box their 'easter egg box' and include a little paint kit with some paper mache eggs inside to decorate how they like. Alternatively, send the finished easter craft boxes off to the grandparents so they can see what the kids have been up to this holiday, fill it with photos and allow them to continue filling up the box with lovely memories of their grandchildren.

Grab a gable box and get the kids to decorate it ready for the Easter egg hunt, save the arguments and tell tails for another day with their very own boxes ready for egg collecting.

Easter gift boxes wholesale

Fed up with competing with all of the other baskets on the market around Easter? Why not go a little more niche and put your own vinyl stickers on our larger easter gift boxes and sell them as hampers for gifting. Put together a pick and mix treat gift box to sell to your customers, use our large square accessory box and section off with dividers, put in a section for mini eggs, creme eggs, sweets, chocolates and make sure to line them with tissue paper to keep them food safe!

Alternatively, use one of our large square accessory boxes and fill it with raffia or shredded paper to sell as an Easter egg hunt in a box!

If you're in the market for subscription boxes, why not use our postal boxes as themed Easter gift boxes. They're easy to assemble and come in black, white and kraft colours.

If you're selling easter fudge or easter treats and need a container to put them in, look no further than this chocolate and fudge ballotin box.


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