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The Most Ethical Recycled Ribbon
The Most Ethical Recycled Ribbon

the most ethical recycled ribbon

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

Without a doubt this is the most ethical ribbon we have in our collection to date. The process is amazing in which they are made and we are thrilled to bring them to our range.

Incredibly, our ribbon is produced using waste clear PET plastic bottles, this process eliminates the creation of virgin yarn, meaning no oil is extracted from the ground, plus the plastic bottles have a useful second life rather than being put in landfill or the ocean. Using solar power in the manufacturing process, the amount of CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere is also reduced during this recycling process.

The process:

  • Bottles are collected: There are numerous collection points within China, creating the opportunity for local people to earn an income whilst de-littering the local environment.
  • Bottles are sorted: They are sorted and crushed into bails. Washing: They are separated to allow bottles to be washed.
  • Flaking: The bottles are ground into flakes and washed again.
  • Extruding: The flakes are heated to create molten plastic in a liquid form and extruded at high pressure into yarn. The recycled ribbon has a satin finish, and is not distinguishable from ribbon produced from virgin fibres.

What makes this ribbon so eco-friendly:

  • The ribbon is produced using 100% post-consumer waste plastic in the form of PET plastic bottles
  • No oil is extracted from the ground to create virgin yarn to weave the ribbon
  • 20% of the energy used in the production process is solar powered
  • 90% of the water used is recycled in the manufacturing process.
  • The ribbon is available in rolls of 20 metres long, and widths of 15mm & 25mm.
  • Colour options include; White, Black, Dark Grey & Sea Green.

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