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At Tiny Box Company we like to offer as many eco-friendly products as possible. We know that our customers value ethical products and we feel it is important to source and manufacture responsibly. We therefore offer numerous types of top quality packaging that is made from recycled materials and materials which can be recycled again after you have used them. These items include our excellent, functional and attractive brown kraft recycled carrier bags with paper twisted handles.

The brown kraft bags available here at Tiny Box Company are available in a number of different sizes. They are therefore suitable for all kinds of items and gifts. They are widely used by shop owners and boutique managers, who want to show their customers that they care. These paper bags are also bought by people who just want to give a gift that looks great. Whatever the reason for your need, you will find that our kraft recycled bags with paper twisted handles are perfect. If you want to invest in some fantastic paper bags for your business or for any other reason this is the place to buy them.

Brown kraft recycled carrier bags (paper twisted handles)

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Brown kraft paper carrier bag with paper twisted handles 19x8x21cm
Kraft Brown Gift Bag ideal for craft shows,...
Kraft Paper Gift Bag With Twisted Handles 26 x 13 x 35cm (SBNT026)
Brown kraft paper bag perfect for events,...
Kraft Paper Gift Bag With Twisted Handles 31 cm x 11 cm x 42 cm (SBNT031)
Brown kraft paper bag great for larger gift...