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How to Make Your Own Gift Boxes to Recycle and Save Money

 by tom on 07 Jan 2015 |
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For those feeling the pinch of the current economic crisis, or simply wishing to recycle products to help the environment, what better way to help towards saving some cash and our world than by making your own gift boxes?  Another advantage of this practice is that handmade items always give the message that you care for the recipient and that you went that extra mile.

Here are a couple of tips to help you along the way.

Recycled cereal boxes
The average cereal box is of a perfect size to pack many gift items.  Here are the quick and easy steps to follow:
  1. Using a knife, carefully slit along the seams of the box, being careful not to tear the card.
  2. Lay the resulting card shape flat on the table.
  3. Form the base of the box, by taping the four corners back together.
  4. Fold the top down to complete the box.
  5. You now have a plain, card box, ready to pack a few pairs of socks or a warm winter scarf.
  6. Once the items are safely inside, cover the box in your favorite recycled gift wrap.
cereal gift box

Recycled plastic water bottles
A range of plastic mineral water bottles can be used to pack a lot of different gifts. 
  1. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the bottle in a straight line, around five or six inches from the base.
  2. Fill the resulting container for home-made biscuits or sweets.
  3. Carefully cover with clear film wrap, sealing it around the base.
  4. Take a piece of your favorite recycled gift wrap, and carefully wrap around the outside of the container.
  5. Finish off with a piece of ribbon, tied around the container in a bow, leaving the top, with its plastic sealer, clear to view.
Other ideas for plastic water bottles are as follows:

Herb planters
  1. Using a smaller bottle, fill with soil and plant herb seeds.
  2. When the herb plants have reached a suitable size, wrap the plastic container in a pretty recycled gift wrap, tie a ribbon around it and use it as a useful household gift.
Christmas crackers
  1. Using a sharp knife, cut the top and bottom from the plastic bottle.
  2. Carefully fill the resulting plastic tube with fun items, including sweets, small toys, gloves, etc.
  3. Carefully and neatly seal the filled plastic tube using clear film wrap.
  4. Wrap the tube with recycled wrapping paper, pinching the paper at either end with a pretty ribbon in the style of a normal Christmas cracker.
recycled christmas crackers

Recycled gift wrap

Having carefully conserved last year’s Christmas gift wrap or a sheet of pretty paper from a birthday gift, now is the time to reuse that gift wrap to best effect. If there are no tears or creases in the paper, use it directly when wrapping a gift, or alternatively:
  1. Cut out medallions and shapes from the most attractive parts of the wrapping paper.
  2. Take a piece of recycled brown paper and a tube of paper glue.
  3. Carefully stick the cut out shapes on to the brown paper in an informal pattern.
  4. Once dry, use the paper to wrap your gifts.


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