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27 Alternative Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

 by tom on 10 Feb 2015 |
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Is shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day present giving you a headache? Or perhaps you’ve not even had chance to give it thought and now you’re in an online shopping frenzy trying to get something delivered on time? Here at Tiny Box Company, we’ve done the hard work for you. If you and your partner are bored of the same-old same-old when it comes to presents, here are 27 alternative gift ideas to inspire you. For gift packaging such as bags and mailing boxes, browse here.

valentines day gifts for her

1| Chocolate Bouquet
The art of flower-giving is something that blokes rarely get right. But today, there’s a floral alternative which could help you score some serious boyfriend/husband points. Chocolate bouquets not only look the part (just like a bunch of flowers) but they also taste the part too. It’s a win-win situation and we love retailers such as Blossoming Gifts or The Unique Gift Store, so check them out.

2| Cake Pops
The cupcake craze took a different turn last year with the arrival of ‘cake pops’. If your missus is a serial dieter and a cake fiend all at the same time, let the trendy wonder of cake pops do the talking for you. If you really want to impress, learn to bake your own using a special cake pop maker, which can be part of the gift if she’s a keen baker.

3| Upcycled Jewellery
Recycling, upcycling, and just about any kind of ‘cycling’ is all the rage right now. The world has gone mad for turning trash into treasures. If your Valentine is an eco-warrior, gift her with a thoughtful upcycled jewellery creation. Maybe it’s a necklace made out of bottle tops, perhaps it’s a pair of earrings crafted from scrap metals, or a bangle fashioned from the circumference of an old china mug; as long as it’s made from recycled materials, it’s a winner. Shop our full range of jewellery boxes (recycled of course) for the finishing touch.

4| Instagram Photo Gifts
If the lady in your life is sentimental or just an arty hipster who loves posting photos on Instagram, do a bit of virtual stalking and create a beautiful photo gift which can be customised and ordered direct from your mobile phone. It couldn’t get any easier than that! Websites such as Sticky9.com and Printstagr.am help you transform ordinary Instagram snaps into really unique presents; photobooks, posters, framed gifts, jewellery or even buttons for your shirt.

5| Biscuit Greeting Card
It’s hard to imagine why it took us so long to think of these. But cards are thin and flat – so are biscuits – it makes perfect sense! Companies such as Biscuiteers.com create messages and greeting cards in the form of deliciously decorated biscuits. If you decide to brave the kitchen yourself, use our letter boxes to send in the post. Be sure to add enough padding / tissue paper to keep the cookie in one piece.

6| Classic Mix-Tape
There are few things in life more expressive and meaningful than music. Show her how much you care through the art of song and select a playlist for her car or for her gym sessions. Burn the music onto a CD, save to a USB stick or add it to her iPod when she’s not looking.

7| Organic Skincare Set
Skincare is a big part of everyday life for the modern female. But skincare products have changed dramatically over recent years. So you may have to search a little farther than your local high street pharmacy. Today’s big thing is organic skincare. It costs a little more but it will be much appreciated by anyone who loves natural products.

8| Personal Shopping Experience
Recreate the scene from Pretty Woman and treat your number one love to a shopping spree, courtesy of you (and with the help from an in-store shopping professional). Many department stores offer personal shopping and you can purchase it in the form of a gift certificate from many online experience gift companies.

9|Keepsake Box
It’s not often that one would give an empty box as a gift. But with enough thought (and a little creativity), the box can actually be the gift. But don’t just grab any old box; choose one from our Luxury Snap Shut Boxes or Extra Large Boxes and decorate with a personal touch. Memory boxes are great for keeping photos, old ticket stubs, cards and letters, and all the sentimental things that form the chronology of your lives together. An impressively romantic gesture.  
valentines day gifts for him

10| Handmade Chocolates
It’s not just girls who love chocolate. If your man has a sweet tooth, don’t just gift him any old choc box from the supermarket (that simply won’t do). Show him how much you care by making your own sweet treats by hand. Need some guidance? Both Nigella and Lorraine Pascale offer scrummy recipes online and you will find plenty of decorating ideas on Pinterest or online recipe websites. Just don’t forget our lovely Chocolate Boxes and some luxury ribbon to add a professional touch.

11| Retro Sweets Hamper
We all know that most men are like big kids. If your man gets excited at the sight of a Drumstick Lolly or a Refresher Bar, there’s simply no hiding his retro style (or his age). A retro sweet hamper (buy online or build your own) could be a great way to his heart.

12| Friday Night Curry Subscription
Some men couldn’t imagine a Friday night without their favourite curry, their favourite beer, and their favourite sports channel (commence fight over remote control). So why not skip the tiresome gifts of socks and ties, and give him a six month curry subscription instead? Just like subscribing to a magazine, every month you will receive the ingredients and recipe cards for the perfect curries. It may not be hot food delivered to your door, but it sure will be healthier and more fun to cook up a storm in the kitchen. This is a great gift and perfect for something to do together, as a couple or a as a family.

13| Steak Pops
Believe us, there is some logic behind this. The traditional gift of romantic chocolates expanded into cupcakes and cake pops – thus the male version – steak pops! Italian meat pops are a common thing in Italy but now the internet seems to have caught on with these meat cake sensations. Blogs and websites everywhere have been reposting this recipe and we can’t deny our fascination.

14| Hot Sauce Gift Set
What’s the easiest way to tell your crush that he’s hot? A hot sauce gift set to blow his mind (and his taste buds) could be the answer. A hot sauce gift set is a fun and cheeky gift for a long term partner or a new love interest. Whoever the recipient, don’t forget to label with “You’re hot!” on the gift tag.

15| Knitted Scarf
Nothing says “I love you” better than hours and hours of laborious work and sleepless nights of needle turning and thread looping. Give the high street a miss this year and knit your husband/boyfriend a one-of-a-kind, completely unique, can’t-buy-anywhere gift which will earn you some well-deserved points.

16| Selfie Stick  
It’s one of the best-selling gifts everywhere and if your boyfriend / husband didn’t already get one for Christmas, it’s time to get him his very own selfie stick. Why? Because romantic couples love to take photos together (correct?) but there’s just never a good angle with a simple stretch of the arm. Now we have the selfie stick to come to the rescue. All your holiday snaps will dramatically improve, phew.

17| Home Made Love Tokens
If you don’t want to spend money, get crafty and create the perfect love tokens which mean something only to the two of you. There are many generic love tokens available in gift shops – make your own for something much more meaningful.  We have a huge range of stationery boxes ideal for storing your tokens. Just don’t forget a cute ribbon and a gift tag.

18| DIY Wooden Serving Board
Every self-respecting man needs a meat board – or a cheese board. Whatever his vice, he needs a rugged serving board for his man grub, ideally one which has been carved fresh from a tree (the manliest kind). You can easily create this by buying a basswood round from your local craft shop (or Amazon), sanding it down on both sides and then varnishing with oil.

19| Upcycled Soap Dispenser
Your man may not be interested in upcycled décor but once he sees this, he’ll be completely won over. Use an empty bottle of his favourite liquor, liqueur or beer, add a dispenser pump to the top and transform it into an everyday bathroom item which he will love. Washing his hands will never be dull again.

20| 52 Reasons Why I Love You
If you go out with a gambling man, take a deck of cards and turn it into a small book of compliments and love notes. Add binder rings to keep the deck of cards together and use each card to display a reason why you love him. All you need is a hole-punch, binder rings, paper, a pen and some glue.

21| Personalised Rubik’s Cube Gift
Another great gift you can make yourself; print your favourite photos (your first holiday, your engagement party or your wedding) and cut them to size to fit the pieces of a Rubik’s Cube puzzle. A great challenge with a nice ending once he completes it.

22| Beard Care Kit
Beards have become a pretty big deal in recent years. The hottest male model was named as Ben Dahlhaus, and not surprisingly, he’s tall, dark, handsome and fully bearded. If your man has a beard, he’s probably very careful to groom it and tidy it every day. After all, don’t we judge a man’s worth by the way he cares for his beard? Get your man a beard care kit complete with trimming scissors, beard comb, beard serum and facial scrub.

unisex valentines day gifts

23| L.ove Film Subscription
Movies are a great way of spending time together without having to go out. It saves money and gives you time to relax as a couple. Get a Love Film subscription for your fellow film buff and you’ll have a home cinema companion for life.

24| Romantic Kindle
A kindle is a great gift, especially if your loved one is a dedicated bookworm. If they prefer high-brow entertainment, don’t insult their intelligence with something tacky or covered in love hearts this year. Get them a romantic Kindle and customise it with all the great romantic classics such as Love in a Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Laughable Loves by Milan Kundera.

25| Cards Against Humanity
Not a very conventional present for Valentine’s Day, we know. But it is the best-selling game in the country. If you’re anti-Valentine’s, forget booking a romantic meal for two; instead invite your couple friends over for a night in with plenty of beer and a very inappropriate card game.

26| ‘The Year I Met You’ Keepsake Box
What happened the year you met your partner? If you’ve been married for many years, this question probably has a lot more meaning. Not designed for those who have just started dating (sorry newbies), this keepsake gift box is all about reminiscing about your chance meeting all those years ago. Design a box which is centred around your chosen year and fill it with all the things that made that year so special. A song in the charts perhaps? A concert? A world event or a festival? A scientific discovery? Or the death or birth of someone famous? Use one of our large boxes to create this wonderful box of memories.

27| Homemade Snow Globes
Snow globes are very romantic and the great thing is, they’re so easy to make. Use an unused jam jar and glue your display to the inside of the lid. Fill the glass jar with distilled water, glitter and glycerine then secure your jar. To create your display, just get creative and use anything you can think of; you can add small toys, Lego pieces, artificial flowers/foliage, ceramic figurines, laminated photos, laminated song lyrics, or just about anything you like.


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