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Top Twenty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

 by tom on 12 Mar 2015 |
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Mother’s Day is looming and whether you’re spending the day with your mum or sending her something thoughtful in the post, it’s important to make your mother feel loved and special. One day a year, we get to tell our mums just how much we love them. Here at Tiny Box Company, our recycled boxes and gift bags have packaged many a present over the years so we’ve got some great ideas to help you out. 

We know that it’s hard to find something both useful and thoughtful (isn’t that what all mums want?) that’s also pretty at the same time (isn’t that what all women want?). So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas for this year. So here are the top twenty Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2015…
beauty gifts

1| Anti-Ageing Face Creams
Today’s anti-ageing products and anti-wrinkle creams can work wonders – and it’s every woman’s prerogative to have a luxury cream for her post-bath pampering. But anti-ageing lotions (or good ones at least) do not come cheap.  So most women find themselves choosing a budget or pharmacy alternative instead. But this year, you can treat your mum to a high-end cream and she will love you for it. Brands to look into are Clinique, Crème Da La Mer, Guerlain, Carita and Cult 51. Blokes – if in doubt, ask a beauty expert behind the counter.

2| Luxury Spa Day 
No-one deserves a day of pampering more than our mums. Cooking, cleaning and picking up after anyone who just can’t grasp the concept of “tidy”, our mums have been through the wars (especially during the teenage years). So once a year, it’s nice to kick back with a glass of bubbly and enjoy being looked after by someone else. Book in a few luxury treatments or a posh lunch to make it extra special. If you need a nice box to present the gift voucher, take a look at our stylish Boxes for Stationery.

4| Lip-Plumping Lip Gloss
As women age, our lips start to thin. But the miracle lip-plumping glosses on the market today are a fantastic way of restoring a bit of volume and youth into our pouts. If your mum would love her lips to be bigger and younger looking, try researching brands such as Clarins, Smashbox and Yves Saint Laurent. Some of these products are available as a clear lip primer and others are available with full colour and gloss, perfect for dinner or a day out.

5| Nourishing Hand Treatments
The tell-tale signs of a woman’s age can be found not only in her face but also in her hands. The hands, which are prone to wrinkles and discolouration (age spots), can really give someone away. If your mum likes to look after her skin and likes the idea of fighting off the burden of time, gift her with a nourishing hand treatment or an anti-ageing lotion set for her hands. Overnight hand cream gloves are extremely popular and many women are using gloves to keep the skin on their hands hydrated and nourished as they sleep – so make sure you ask about these at the beauty counter. Some of the best anti-ageing hand creams to look out for are La Prairie, Declor and L’Occitane.
jewellery gifts

6| Footprint Jewellery 
If you’ve already given the gift of a grandchild (no pressure if you haven’t!), it probably goes without saying that she’s the proudest gran on earth. Doting on grandchildren is just a rite of passage for every parent-turned-grandparent and we’re sure it’s no different with yours. Gift your mum with a little footprint necklace (these can be done with various footprint jewellery companies) or a footprint bracelet as an eternal keepsake. This will definitely make her smile or even bring a tear to her eye.

7| Family Birthstone Jewellery
Whether there’s just the two of you or you have a large family, a birthstone necklace or ring could the perfect way or uniting everyone together. Birthstones are a very subtle way of putting your own personal stamp on a piece of fine jewellery; and now family birthstone lockets or rings can allow you to create something that represents the entire family in one unique design. Don’t forget to browse our vast range of Jewellery Boxes for the perfect presentation.

8| Secret Message Jewellery  
Visit online gift emporiums such as Not On The High Street and you will have access to indie jewellery brands such as Madison Honey Vintage and Gracie Collins. Both brands design necklaces with secret messages hidden inside. So if you want to give your mother a daily reminder of how much you love and appreciate her, this could be the perfect way.

edible gifts

9| Monthly Tea Subscription   
Drinking tea – that’s what mothers love to do, right? If you grew up in Britain then drinking tea has probably been a huge part of your childhood. Mums love tea and so do we here at Tiny Box Company. So that’s why we recommend the gift of monthly tea subscriptions; in other words, artisan teas delivered direct to your door every month! Sign your mum up to Eteaket, London Tea Club or The Whittard Tea Club and she could be serving up something different every time you pop round.

10| Luxury Chocolate Box   
Chocolates, socks, slippers; the all too predictable Mother’s Day gifts that have been received year after year. If your mum has an undeniable sweet-tooth, you can still gift her with a box of yummy choccys but you just have to make it extra special. And we’re not talking about the posh chocs in your local supermarket. Think bigger; think Harrods gold-flecked chocolates, William Curley London Chocolatier, or a novelty design from the world famous Choccy Woccy Doo Dah. Or if you’re attempting to make your own treats, take a look at our Clear Cello Food Bags and our Coloured Ribbon for presentation. 

11| Bespoke Cupcakes   
Have you caught onto the cupcake craze yet? Cupcake shops are popping up everywhere in the UK and many of these cupcake cafes are able to create bespoke designs perfect for any occasion. Cake and a glass of fizz is the ideal way to celebrate if your mum likes to indulge every now and again. Or if you’re up for the challenge, you can even take your mum to a cupcake decorating class – a great way to bond over something sweet and delicious. If you plan on baking your own cupcakes or sweet treats, be sure to browse our range of Food Safe Gift Boxes to get that perfect finishing touch.

12| Cheese and Chutney Hamper    
Mums feed us well and that’s what makes them great. Perhaps this year, it’s time to repay the favour by supplying your mum with a luxury food hamper? We all know that mums love to throw a dinner party every once in a while so treat yours to a delicious selection of cheeses and chutneys. Make the gift even more special with a personalised cheese board and knife set; something which can be treasured for many years and for many dinner parties to come.

13| Personalised Champagne
Get a bottle of bubbly personalised with a message for your mum and she will have a celebratory bottle which she can treasure until a very special occasion. Pick a nice bottle of Italian Prosecco from Moonpig.com or push the boat out with a Gold Flake Champagne from Gettingpersonal.co.uk. Whichever you choose, she’ll appreciate the sentiment the most – so make the message a meaningful one. 

14| Celebrity Chef Cookery Class
From the eggy soldiers every morning before school to the family favourite Sunday Roast, food is a big part of any family. It’s what binds you together with your mum (even if you have nothing else in common) and that’s the beauty of any lunch or dinner in every household. So make food even more special with an experience day with a celebrity chef! Various experience day operators can offer cooking classes or unique dining experiences and we offer a huge range of presentation boxes to present your gift voucher in.

15| Edible Flowers
Say it with flowers – edible ones. This is something that only women and foodies can appreciate but unbeknown to many people, there’s a whole list of ordinary garden flowers that can be used in everyday cooking. Buy your mum some beautiful edible flower candies from Dosomethingdelicious.com or get her an edible flower growing kit from your local garden centre. Growing edible flowers is something that’s fun and easy to do and will encourage the whole family to spend more time cooking and experimenting with food.

homemade gifts

16| Homemade Jam
If your mum’s food cupboard is always fully stocked up with sauces, chutneys, jams and jellies, try surprising her with a thoughtful homemade gift, one that she will really appreciate. Making your own jam is easy once you know how and you can experiment with all of her favourite fruits and flavours. Not sure where to start? Our trusty celebrity chefs can be your guiding stars; Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Lorraine Pascale and Nigella Lawson all have some fantastic and easy to follow jam recipes. Then all you need to do is finish off your gift by presenting it in a pretty apothecary jar (available from most home or craft stores). And for the rustic look, complete the presentation by placing your jar in a box with some Natural Raffia or Natural Wood Filler. And don’t forget to print your own jam labels with a list of your natural ingredients.

17| Homemade Candles  
Candles are a great way of making a room look and smell wonderful; they can really turn a house into a home. But candles are also a very common gift these days and can sometimes feel a little overdone. If you want to be a little bit different, why not make your own? Candles are so easy to make and you can get creative by composing your very own fragrances. All you need is some wax (choose from paraffin, soy wax or beeswax), candle wicks, a mason jar / container, your chosen fragrance oils and colouring. It really couldn’t be easier.

18| Personalised Pottery
Pottery painting cafes are popping up all over the UK. Not only are they a fun day out for the family but these pottery cafes are also superb places to design some one of a kind gifts for loved ones. There are fewer things in life more unique and special than a custom painted plate, mug or vase so if you’re a talented artist, you must give this a go. And don’t worry, you won’t have to do too much of the hard work; simply select your ready-made item (teapots, plates and bowls usually make fantastic presents), paint it using the tools provided by the café owner then have your piece of work fired in the kiln. If you’re a terrible painter, that doesn’t matter either as it’s the thought that really counts here.

upcycled gifts

19| Upcycled Jewellery Design  
Not everyone is a dab hand with crafts but if you consider yourself to be a bit of a creative, why not try making your mum an upcycled piece of jewellery this year? If you’ve been taught not to waste or throw things away, take a leaf out of your mother’s book and show her that she’s taught you well. Upcycling is also a huge trend at the moment and you can use absolutely any material you wish. Old vinyl records can be baked in the oven and then sliced into shapes with a cutting tool, tired cutlery can be bent into the desired contour using a hand held torch, copper wire can be twisted and mixed with beading work with a simple pair of pliers, and the pages of a magazine can be weaved together to create an interesting bracelet. The options are endless!

20| The T-shirt Scarf
If you have an old t-shirt that’s lost its purpose, or your mum has some unwanted clothes from the 60s/70s/90s, or maybe there’s an item of clothing from your childhood that is sentimental to the both of you – if you have any fabrics that serve no use but you just can’t throw away, why not turn it into a stylish upcycled scarf for Mother’s Day? There are some great tutorials on Earth911.com, Mrkate.com and Sometimes-Homemade.com if you’re in need of some inspiration. And don’t forget, you can complete the upcycled / recycled sentiment with our Recycled Gift Boxes.


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