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26 Great Gifts for Foodies

 by tom on 16 Jul 2015 |
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Food is the source of life. But for many of us, it’s also the source of conversation, culture, and inspiration. If you’re shopping for the perfect gift for a foodie, it must be said that you’re not tasked with the easiest of responsibilities. For a true foodie knows his Beluga from his Sevruga, his Vieux-Boulogne from his Vignotte, and his Merlot from his Malbec. If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 26 great gifts for the foodie in your life!

  1. Espresso Machine
If your friend or family member is a foodie, no doubt he/she will like to throw a dinner party or two at the weekends. And no dinner party is complete without a good coffee. An espresso or coffee machine is a wonderful gift; from the shot of caffeine in the morning to that soothing after dinner Americano, your gift will provide so much enjoyment for a serious coffee drinker.
  1. Nutribullet / Smoothie Maker
Smoothies are all the rage right now; if you know a foodie who also likes to look after his or her health (perhaps they’re keen gym goers or are partial to a pre-holiday diet?) then a professional smoothie making machine is the perfect gift. Smoothies are a great way of adding more fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet and for those who like to balance rich dinner party binges with a life’s much-needed vitamins, a decent smoothie maker or blender is essential.
  1. Champagne Flutes
Traditionally, champagne flutes make a great wedding present. But for those in the know who can sense their Brut from their Demi-Secs after just a whiff, crystal glasses will make their champagne tasting experience all the more exciting!
  1. Personalised Apron
If you’re looking for a silly gift idea, what better than a personalised apron? Complete with funny photo, quote or message, you can really make someone’s day with something fun yet meaningful. If you know a foodie who already has prize-winning gadgets and appliances, gift them with a personalised apron to encourage their fabulous flair in the kitchen.
  1. A Drinks Dispenser
Drinks dispensers come in many forms these days and we particularly like the rustic Mason Jar style dispensers which can hold around 8 litres of delicious summer cocktail, Pimm’s or a fruit punch (available from Notonthehighstreet.com and other gift sites). These dispensers are perfect for those who like to entertain guests in their home. If you know a BBQ king or a picnic queen, this present is a must.
  1. Ice Cream Maker
It may seem a little childish, but actually for the typical dinner party goddess, buying in ice cream from the supermarket is something of a no-no. Don’t let your foodie friend make the dinner party faux pas of dishing up shop-bought dessert; every self-respecting cook needs to be able to create their own ice cream treats from scratch and this is the perfect gift to help them do so.
  1. Vegetable Spiraliser
Spiralising has become a huge craze in the world of health foods but so many people have taken to this wonderful trend. Spiralising is a great way of turning a simple vegetable (such as a courgette, sweet potato, carrot or mooli) into a noodle or pasta substitute, and published cookbooks such as ‘Inspiralized’ by Ali Maffuci are wonderful sources of inspiration for newbie courgetti chefs.
  1. Handheld Blender
If your friend is a dab hand in the kitchen, they’ll be no stranger to the world of soups, consumés and broths. But to create these dishes, blenders are essential. Handheld blenders can give chefs an easy blending alternative, without the hassle of transferring from one container to another.
 dining out gifts
  1. Orient Express Train Journey
There are fewer experiences in life quite as unique as the Orient Express Train. The journey can take you through some of the UK’s most scenic routes and the food is said to be excellent despite the compact and limited cooking facilities. Heston Blumenthal is just one of the many chefs to have cooked on board this iconic train and the experience will be a memorable one. Don’t forget to present the tickets in a luxury Stationery Gift Box from our gift box range.
  1. Wine Tasting
Wine tasting tours or wine events are fantastic for anyone who wants to know more about wine. The study of wine can be a very extensive subject and being able to pair the right wines with the right courses is something that can really boost your dinner party status. Wine tasting events also make a great day out – perfect if you’re looking for a gift experience that can be enjoyed together.
  1. Thames Dinner Cruise
If you need an excuse to visit the capital, make it a Thames Cruise for two. This is a great romantic gift for someone you love, and with dinner included it makes a great break from the kitchen. The cruise options include lunch, afternoon tea or dinner service and you can enjoy the sights of the city from a luxury cruise boat. The cruises also include live entertainment so you can get the full luxury cruise treatment!
  1. Afternoon Tea
Afternoon tea marks the ultimate luxury. Born from aristocratic beginnings, the act of afternoon tea is a fabulous treat for someone who enjoys their tea and cake. In London you can book afternoon tea at The Hilton, The Ritz or The Savoy. You can expect the finest English teas, delicate sandwiches and finger snacks, cream cakes and macaroons, and maybe even a glass of bubbly; perfect for mums, aunties, grandparents or your best friend.
  1. Tickets to the Great British Food Festival
Make dining out a unique experience with tickets to the famous Great British Food Festival! Set across various grand locations in the UK across the year, you’ll be sure to find somewhere within easy travel distance. The festival consists of celebrity chef cooking demos, countless food stalls and vendors sharing Britain’s best produce, live music, cookery classes, activities for children, and of course – plenty of prepared street food to tantalise those taste buds. If you’re sending the tickets in the post, be sure to use on of our Stationery Boxes or Royal Mail Large Letter Friendly Mailing Boxes
cheese gifts
  1. Cheeseboard and Cheese Knife Set
Cheeseboards are available from most home stores and even some supermarkets these days. But if you know a serious cheese connoisseur then they deserve only the very best. Some of the best cheeseboards can be sourced from Finecheese.co.uk or Thecheeseshed.com (both reputable cheese companies in the UK), and some of the best cheese knives in the world include Robert Welch Radford or Sheffield Steel Cheese Knives.
  1. Cheese Hamper
If you know a serious cheese eater, make sure you treat them to a large cheese hamper with all of their favourite varieties. You can create a themed hamper by country or cheese type. Or perhaps you can mix it up and include cheeses from around the world? You can make this gift extra special by including a few bottles of red wines so that they can pair the cheese and wine for ultimate taste. If you’re looking for a ready-made cheese hamper, you can find a luxury selection at Finecheese.co.uk or Cartwrightandbutler.co.uk. Other retailers offering hampers include Notonthehighstreet.com and Gettingpersonal.co.uk.
  1. Cheese Fondue Set
An after-dinner cheese board is great but it’s not always the most inclusive course; firstly, not everyone likes the same kind of cheeses, kids and teens may not find it as appealing because of the strong varieties, and it can be an acquired taste. For something less formal and much more inclusive of everyone, cheese fondue is the answer. This is perfect for casual dinner parties or for entertaining people of all ages.
  1. Cheese Making Kit
Take things one step further and encourage your foodie friend to make his or her own cheese at home. If they’re real cheese fans, they’ll be delighted by this gift. Cheese-making kits come with all the necessary ingredients and components and even though it will never match up to the quality of produce from a cheese farm, it’s still extremely fun to try and make your own. Great for someone with kids or someone who likes to experiment with new things.
  1. The Cheese Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are just everywhere right now. What started as a very simple (yet ingenious) concept for beauty products has now ballooned into something that can work with almost any consumer product. A monthly cheese subscription box delivered to your recipient’s door is the ultimate way of showing how much you care and just how well you know them. Subscription boxes are available from The Cheese Society, Pong Cheese or The Courtyard Dairy. You can pay for these subscriptions easily online.
chocolate gifts
  1. Chocolate Pizza
For something fun and silly, send your friend a chocolate pizza in the post. If they’re a fan of both (chocolate and pizza), this sure will put a smile on their face. Chocolate pizzas are perfect if you’re after a low budget gift that doesn’t cost you and arm and a leg – and it’s also ideal if you don’t want to get anything too serious. Highly recommended for chocolate addicts, students, friends or younger family members.
  1. Choccywoccydoodah
Handmade chocolates are always the best – but how about an incredible, mind-blowing chocolate sculpture by the world-famous Choccywoccydoodah chocolatiers? They currently have stores in London and Brighton but you can also order their unique choco-gifts online. As well as the usual cakes, bars and slabs, and hampers, they also offer some truly spectacular sculptured pieces that are painted to perfection.
  1. Chocolate Making Experience
For something that can be enjoyed together, take your loved one to a chocolate making experience. You can both learn how to properly make and temper chocolate, and you will have some delicious treats to take home with you at the end of the day. Not only will this day be interesting and exciting for your gift recipient, but it will create wonderful memories that can be treasured forever.
  1. The Chocolate Greeting Card
If you just want to send a small gesture in the post to someone far away, make sure you make their day with a fabulous greeting card – one that can be eaten, that is! The chocolate greeting card is one that we have admired for a while (why waste paper when you can eat your birthday cards eh?) but we particularly love the ones by Bochoco.co.uk. They are made to order and are suitable for almost any occasion.
  1. Chocolate Bark
Sounds exciting, right? Well that’s because it is. Chocolate bark is the new age way to enjoy a chocolate bar. This rustic way of presenting chocolate really brings a new level of fun and excitement to eating and tasting artisan chocs. They are small and relatively flat so they can sent easily in the post if you’re shopping for a faraway loved one. Check out our full range of Mailing Boxes online.
wine gifts
  1. Adopt a Vine Gift
For the wine connoisseur who really knows his/her stuff about wine production and the different countries/regions/varieties, there’s no better gift than helping them a adopt a vine in a French vineyard. They will receive a vine adoption gift box and it may even inspire them to travel and visit their vine in the future. You could follow up your present with a vineyard tour; now that would be impressive!
  1. Wine Decanter
Wine decanters may not make much of a difference to the everyday wine drinker but if you’re serious about your wines, a decanter is essential. Wine of any age (and colour) is generally enhanced by exposure to air. In fact, the more air exposure the better. Pouring wine into a decanter will help to aerate the wine, giving it better taste and flavour. If you know a serious wino, this gift is a must.
  1. Wine Bottle Travel Bag
Always take a good bottle of wine with you whenever you’re travelling – that’s great advice for wine drinkers. Whether your loved one likes to picnic outside or just loves to getaway to a country lodge at weekends. A wine bottle travel bag is essential for protecting the bottle or keeping it warm/cool.
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