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28 Unusual Gifts for Men and Women

 by tom on 14 Oct 2015 |
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When it comes to gifting, there’s one person that we all dread to buy for as soon as Christmas or their birthday comes around. It’s that person, that one annoying person who seems to have everything. When you know someone who has it all, it can be extremely hard to find them a gift that they’ll really appreciate. No matter what you find, knowing them, they will already have it – or something very similar. So if you’ve exhausted all the gift lists in the world, here are 28 ideas that are totally unique. Here’s our list of unusual gifts for men and women.

1 | Virtual Reality Headset  
Know a man who’s got it all? He may have every pair of socks, every leather belt, every pair of stylish shoes and every kitchen or desk gadget in the world but he probably doesn’t have a virtual reality headset from IWOOT! This super cool headset is designed for 3D movies and adrenaline-pumping virtual simulation, and it’s so futuristic that he’ll have his mind blown. Go to www.iwantoneofthose.com to purchase this virtual reality gift.

2| Mystical Coloured Fire Dust  
It’s within the cavemen instincts for men to love playing with fire. If you know a guy who loves to start a fire (whether it’s an outdoor fire-pit or a fireplace in the living room), gift him with some mystical coloured fire dust which transforms an ordinary flame into a rainbow of colours. It’s perfect for parties or special celebrations.

3| Smart Phone Projector  
Whether he loves to watch films in bed or football matches on the go, squinting at the screen of a smartphone can create a bit of a headache after a while. If your bloke loves to use his smartphone to watch his favourite films/programmes/sports games, surprise him with his very own smartphone projector. It’s like a TV expect there’s so much more novelty value!

4| Giant Cola Bottle  
What man doesn’t love a retro sweet? Nostalgic sweet shop treats are powerful enough to reduce a grown man into a little boy again and there’s absolutely no shame in that. That’s why we love the Giant Cola Bottle available from Firebox.com; it weighs a huge 420 grams, is 120 x the size of the original sweet, and tastes of delicious Vanilla Coke.

5| Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Game
This is like the Russian Roulette of Jelly Beans – the perfect game for a bunch of lads who don’t mind taking the risk when it comes to flavours. With nasty flavours masked as original flavours, you won’t know whether you’re about to eat ‘Tutti Fruitti’ or ‘Stinky Socks’, tasty ‘Peach’ or ‘Vomit’, delicious ‘Chocolate Pudding’ or ‘Dog Food’. Other nasty sweets also include ‘Boogers’, ‘Baby Wipes’ and ‘Lawn Clippings’, mmm.

6| iSpy Mini: Remote Controlled Spy Car   
Some men have every single gadget on the planet. If you know a gadget geek, there’s a pretty good chance they don’t own an iSpy Mini yet! These remote controlled cars are totally exciting for a tech fan and you can convert any smartphone or tablet into a remote control. The spy car can be used to record still images or videos – so housemates beware! This remote control car is suitable for age 8+ so it’s safe to have around kids and is available from Giftcave.com.

7| Drumstick Pens
Fidgeting is an unfortunate syndrome that many men have to deal with their whole lives. And the people around them may have to deal with it too. But we’ve found some pretty awesome drumstick pens, designed to burn off excess energy when you’re taking a break from writing / typing / working. These pens are ideal for drummers or just people who struggle to find a pen when they need one the most.

8| The Half Portion Coffee Cup   
Don’t waste any more tea, coffee or water in your household. If your dad/husband/boyfriend has trouble finishing his brews (despite always making fresh ones) then it’s time to put your foot down with the half measure mug. This half sized cup from Giftcave.com is quite literally sliced halfway down the middle so he’ll never leave brew-time leftovers again!

9| Flashing Golf Balls   
The Flash Ball (available from Argos or Getting Personal) is designed for the man with poor eyesight. So golfing dads, uncles and granddads can finally enjoy a round of golf without losing the ball! These flashing balls light up for five whole minutes after they come into contact with the club so you can see exactly where they are going; perfect for overcast days, bad lighting conditions or just those with ageing eyes.

10| The Cooling Pint Glass  
This may be the most expensive pint glass ever made at almost £18 per glass – but these little beauties promise to keep your beer cold. For slow drinkers, this pint glass is a dream. Available from several online gift sites, this prezzie is ideal for anyone who despises lukewarm beers. Complete with a rubber insulated grip, the pint is easy to hold and will not warm from the heat of your hands.

11| Self Heating Boxers  
With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of new ways of keeping warm. If that special man in your life gets cold easily, he’s probably already got a fine selection of thermal hats, gloves, socks and accessories to choose from this Autumn/Winter. But what he probably hasn’t heard of is the self-heating boxer short; a complete product revelation for the man who hates cold weather. Not only can self-heating boxers (available from health shops and websites such as Amazon) keep your man’s bottom warm and toasty, but they can help to relieve ailments such as hip pain or prostate/bladder problems.

12| BBQ Branding Iron  
It may seem a bit strange to brand your steak but the man who loves to take ownership of a family barbeque probably likes to make his claim on his work, just like an artist would sign his painting or a sculpture would initial his designs. After all, if you’re a connoisseur of cooking steak, it’s very much like creating a masterpiece.

13| Chocolate Sprouts   
These fabulous sprout disguised chocolates are the perfect gift for the man who won’t eat his greens! Exclusive to Presentsformen.co.uk by Qwerkity, these delicious chocolate sprouts look bizarrely realistic and are a great Christmas joke.

14| Curry and Chips Chocolate Bar    
If you know a man who loves his curry and chips, this could be the perfect chocolate bar for him. This experimental chocolate bar from Notonthehighstreet.com fuses together smooth milk chocolate with a strangely delicious combo of salted crisps and a dash of curry.

15| Giant Car Plaster  
The Giant Car Plaster is a magnetic novelty plaster which is used to cover up bumps and scratches on your car. If you know someone with a good sense of humour who is prone to a few bumps and knocks on his ride, this will make a great April Fools gift. Available from Thepresentfinder.co.uk.

16| Remote Control Pillow  
Do you know a man who’s always losing the remote control? End the frustration of not being able to change the channel once and for all with the incredible Remote Control Pillow from Menkind! This ultra-handy cushion can be hooked up to any TV so you will never need to search around for that remote control ever again. It is soft to touch so can be used like any ordinary cushion and it features 6-in-1 interactive universal remote using infra-red LED technology.

17| Zombie Survival Experience    
This experience day is perfect for B-movie fans or zombie enthusiasts. If your friend/boyfriend/brother has an unhealthy obsession with zombies and zombie movies, turn his dreams into reality with a Zombie Survival Experience from Virgin Experience Days. The entire day, based on a zombie apocalypse will feel utterly real and he will remember it forever.

18| England Rugby Ball Lunch Bag  
For the ultimate rugby fan, there is no better present than an official England rugby ball…..which opens up and turns into a lunch bag! Send your man off to work with a packed lunch hidden inside a replica Gilbert rugby ball – no-one will ever suspect what’s really inside.

19| GBB0 Bogeyman Egg Separator 
If she’s a fan of GBBO, it’s likely that she already owns every cake tin, cake stand or cake utensil going. For those with a good sense of humour or a slightly alternative taste in kitchenware, gift them with something a little bit different. Such as the Bogeyman Egg Separator (available online from Presentfinder.co.uk) which was seen on Great British Bake Off itself!

20| The Chocolate Teapot 
Now this chocolate teapot from Thepresentfinder.co.uk is so versatile – and it’s so much more exciting than a standard box of choccies. If you know a chocolate lover who’s a bit weird and wacky, gift them with this teapot shaped chocolate sculpture which can be used to pour a hot chocolate drink, turned into a chocolate fondue, or broken up into little pieces to devour like an Easter egg!

21| Gin and Tonic Bodywash 
If your mum, grandma or best friend drinks too much gin, she will probably love the Gin and Tonic Bodywash from Handpickedcollection.com. This foaming bath/shower gel smells just like her favourite tipple and comes in an old-fashioned gin style bottle – just make sure she doesn’t try to drink it!

22| The Fart Extinguisher   
This is the sort of gift that every household needs. If your woman is constantly complaining of ghastly smells coming from certain members of the family, arm her with this and she will be thankful forever. The Fart Fire Extinguisher from Findmeagift.co.uk is not only funny, but it’s extremely useful and contains a strong air freshener to eliminate bad smells. Ideal for mums, wives and girlfriends with a great sense of humour.

23| Bee Venom Face Mask   
Bee venom is one of the strangest ingredients to go into female skincare today. But it’s one of the most incredible for youthful looking skin. The Bee Sting Face Mask from Nip & Fab promises to tighten, firm and increase blood circulation without the pain of a real bee sting, phew.

24| Wonky Wine Glasses
If you need a polite way of saying “you drink too much”, these Wonky Wine Glasses from Drinkstuff.com are just perfect. These glasses come looking rather tipsy and will have your friend wondering whether their eyes are playing tricks on them. Great to have at a party and a real conversation starter.

25| E.L.F Studio Mascara Shield  
This little wonder is not only an absolute bargain at just £4.50 but it’s also super handy for girls who like to glam up on a Saturday night. If you know a girl who often complains of getting mascara and eyeshadow down her face when she applies her makeup, this shield (which looks like a fun novelty moustache) will be her saving grace.

26| The Bomb Curl Hairbrush   
Brushing curly hair isn’t easy and any curly haired vixen will agree! This cool Japanese invention (available to buy on Amazon) looks like a cross between a hairbrush and blowfish – but we assure you, it’s not the latter! This amazing hairbrush allows better movement to create fuller, bouncier curls and has been approved by a number of leading hair stylists.

27| Inflatable Unicorn Costume    
If you know someone who’s really wacky and ‘out there’, the inflatable unicorn costume could be the perfect fancy dress gift. It’s ideal for Halloween or other fancy dress occasions and is up to 1.8 metres tall once inflated. Buy it online at Findmeagift.co.uk.

28| Mighty Purse Phone Charger Clutch    
She probably has all the clutch bags in the world and no doubt she’s already got a number of spare phone chargers. But does she have the Mighty Purse clutch bag and charger in one? This amazing clutch bag comes in a whole array of bright, beautiful colours and features a charging function to work with most iPhones, tablets and smartphones. Can be ordered directly from the Mighty Purse website online.
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