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27 of Our Favourite Eco Friendly Blogs

 by tom on 19 May 2016 |
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We pride ourselves on a few key values here at Tiny Box Company; our speedy delivery, our special in-house services (such as foil printing), our friendly and helpful customer service team, and of course, our many recycled and eco-friendly boxes and packaging materials.

Using environmentally friendly products is extremely important to us, so we source as many recycled boxes, gift bags and mailing bags as we can. We also like to do our bit around the office in terms of reducing waste, saving water and recycling everything from paper and card to food and drink cartons at lunchtime. So it’s in our interest to keep up to date with all the latest eco warrior trends and the newest green ideas; to do this, we love to look at eco-friendly blogs written by the experts.

If you’re interested in becoming a friend to the environment in the home or in the office, take a leaf out of our book and spend some time checking out these interesting and inspirational eco-friendly blogs.
1. Moral Fibres
We are completely taken with this blogger. Wendy has a very modern approach to greener living and she believes that a sustainable lifestyle should be “hip, not hippie”. She writes about thrifty ways to be eco-friendly, discussing everything from food & drink plus home & garden to family life and responsible travel – and she does all of this in style. Nothing is ever tacky or gaudy; she’s just a very stylish lady and we enjoy all of her great advice.
2. Eco Thrifty Living
The Eco Thrifty Living blog promises to be “good for your health, your wallet and the environment”. But we think blogger Zoe Morrison has missed something from her blog strapline because it’s also good for your soul. Her articles are always so uplifting and meaningful. This wholesome writer doesn’t try too hard and that’s what makes her blog so accessible and so relevant. She was featured on the Guardian website back in 2014 as a ‘Sustainable Blogger of the Week’ and she’s now asking readers to vote for her in the 2016 Mad Blog Awards – good luck to you Zoe!
3. Recycle This
This is one of those go-to archives that you have to bookmark. There’s one single theme to this website – how can I recycle this? It’s filled with ideas on how you can recycle just about anything you have around the house. A must-read if you are trying to reduce waste.
4. Groovy Green Livin’
A feel good blog with a feel good story behind it. Lori Popkewitz Alper calls herself a “recovering attorney” since she traded in her suit to follow her dream to blog, write and educate on the subject of responsible living. Having upheld her green lifestyle for more than a decade, Lori is a serious expert but what makes her stand out is her passion and dedication to making the world a better place.
5. Planet Save
For newsworthy topics and up to date information on scientific discoveries, conservation projects or green politics from around the world, Planet Save is the website you need to bookmark. If anecdotal blog posts and sentimental thoughts isn’t for you, this blog will give you the bare facts. It’s purely informational and the writers are always on top of current issues.

6. Homegirl London
This blogger isn’t a recyclist per se but some of her blog posts are focused on greener home interiors. Because she’s into vintage and retro trends, her blog is a great source of inspiration for those who want to buy preloved to reduce waste and to stop feeding into the overproduction of a ‘fast fashion’ mentality. She reports on all emerging trends in the home and interiors world so you’ll get plenty of style and trend ideas before you hit the vintage furniture shops or your next flea market.
7. Mindful Momma
The name of this blog kind of says it all – and it’s in our interest to be mindful with everything that we do. Written by wife and mother Micaela, Mindful Momma is all about making sustainable living easy and affordable. Micaela believes that a green lifestyle should be empowering, not overwhelming so she dedicates her time to sharing money-saving and time-saving tips to help others.
8. The Holistic Mama
This is one for the ladies! The Holistic Mama Blog is focused on beauty products and it’s written by Roxanne, an entrepreneur who now sells her own organic, 100% natural and chemical free beauty products designed for people who want clearer, healthier skin. After suffering from skin problems, Roxanne discovered a new way to care for her skin and now shares her tips on her blog – as well as promoting her environmentally friendly creams and cleansers.
9. The Pistachio Project
A beautifully designed website written by a lady called Brittany – she named her blog The Pistachio Project because pistachios are green and crunchy and that’s what she wanted her blog to be about; things that were green and crunchy! And for those who don’t know about this new, hip term for eco warriors, the term ‘crunchy’ means to be natural and eco-friendly. Brittany writes about real food recipes that are healthy, green ways to clean the home, green ways to garden, natural skincare and organic remedies, plus different ways to go about natural parenting.
10. Green Steve
This blog is great because it’s extremely refreshing to read about green living from a bloke’s point of view. Much of the blogosphere is dominated by women, especially when it comes to lifestyle and green living blogs. But this handy website can appeal to everyone and it reminds us that anyone from any walk of life can do their bit to help the environment. And according to Green Steve, you’ll definitely save some money along the way – now what man doesn’t like the sound of that?

11. Upcycled Design Lab
Upcycling is a huge trend at the moment but the projects we see on Buzzfeed or Pinterest aren’t always easy to achieve. This blog brings together Cindy’s best DIY experiments, re-fashion ideas, frugal thoughts and recycling tips that we could all do with around the house. A good down to earth blog with practical advice.

12. Jen and Joey Go Green
Realistically, sustainable living isn’t something you can do alone and it will always involve making decisions together with your partner or your family. That’s why we think Jen and Joey Go Green is such a fantastic insight into what it’s like to tackle these issues together. Log on and you’ll find so much practical advice too!
13. Green Talk
This is a comprehensive website which covers just about every question, every query, every niggling thought you could ever have about living green, saving money and doing the right thing for our planet. No stone is left unturned and the information is written in a simple, digestible way to provide quick and easy practical advice. Navigation is easy and you can find answers to everything from being green in the home, gardening tips, recycling tips, tech advice, and guidance to green ways to do business. It’s a simple, straightforward blog that won’t boggle you with unrealistic goals or advice.
14. Get Green, Be Well
Get Green Be Well is written by Kimberly Button, a green living expert, journalist and author. Her fantastic blog brings together eco-living and health; and we believe that the two really go hand in hand. Not only is Kimberly a fantastic blogger, author and journo but she also has experience working in TV as well as photography. She’s a great all-rounder and we love reading her posts, which are like a window into her life of healthy, responsible living. Very inspirational!
15. Big Green Purse
We love the Big Green Purse blog because it brings together two key things that most people want when they think of an eco-lifestyle; how best to save the planet and how best to save money. Being green can help you make some surprising savings in everyday life and this blog just proves it.
16. Eco-Chick
This website is run by a large team of strong, independent eco chicks and it talks about everything from fair fashion and ethical clothing to health, ecology and creative arts. A good read if you’ve got some time to kill on the train and you need some life inspiration.
17. Forge Recycling Blog
Forge Recycling is a waste container and recycling business based in the UK and we enjoy reading their blog because it’s jam-packed with awesome ideas for recycling tips around the house. One of our favourite posts shares different ways you can recycle or reuse eggshells. From adding them to compost to turning them into chalk for your kids to doodle with, you’ll be thoroughly surprised at just how many things you can do with something you would normally throw away in the waste bin.
18. Recycle Nation Blog
Get up to date on world news and the latest global issues. Recycle Nation is a handy recycling portal in the US and you can pretty much recycle anything search for ways by entering in your zip code. Shame it’s not here in the UK but their blog is still fantastic to read.
19. Upcycle That
Now be warned; some of these projects will seem intimidating to an upcycling virgin. But that’s not why we like this website so much. Upcycle That may not be something we can relate to so much in real life (and not all of us have the skills to repurpose furniture) but there’s something totally unique about this blog – and that’s its artistic nature. This blog is so inspiring and the images offer an aesthetically pleasing answer to modern day recycling. It’s like flicking through a glossy art magazine or a heavy coffee table book and when you leave, you’ll definitely be leaving with some fresh ideas.
20. The Magpie Girl
This blog has a little bit of everything; from fashion and beauty to travel and recycling old things around the house. There are some great tips on how to be thrifty and we can’t fault blogger Vicki’s amazing DIY efforts. It’s an anecdotal site, sharing thoughts and musings from an ordinary girl so we think plenty of people will relate.
21. The Upcycle Journal
The Upcycle Journal is a fantastic blog by Australia’s Upcycle Studio, a responsible retailer specialising in upcycled wares and green living products. They sell everything from jewellery made out of skateboards to handbags made out of seatbelts, and their blog is just as interesting. The blog delves into recycling on a much wider scale so it’s a fantastic read for innovative ideas and industry news.
22. DIY Fashion Blog
Eco-friendly living should extend to our wardrobes and here, blogger Jennifer shows green girls how to make their own fashion instead of buying new and throwing away the old. This is a handy archive of DIY fashion projects so you can customise your old unwanted items using a few basic tools.
23. Eco Warrior Princess
The Eco Warrior Princess blog is started by Jennifer Nini and it’s designed to raise awareness for women everywhere of the social and environmental impacts of today’s fashion industry. It’s a wonderful informational hub for anyone likes sustainable fashion.
24. The Upcyclist
If you’re looking for some escapism, this blog by Antonia resembles something of an art gallery. This blog is purely for inspiration…..unless you’re a skilled sculptor with experience in metalwork and glassblowing? If you’re renovating your house or you have a penchant for art installations, The Upcyclist should be your daily lunchtime read.
25. The Green Grandma
It’s easy to get sucked into the trends of green living. These days, it’s fashionable to be frugal and it’s hip to be holistic. But The Green Grandma is seriously down to earth and actually offers real advice for normal people who don’t just want to follow a trend. Written by a grandma who combines her traditionalist values with her modern way of thinking to create a balance that reader of any age can get on board with. Very inspiring!
26. Love 2 Upcycle
This blog is all about turning unwanted things into something beautiful or useful. There’s a lovely homemade, kitschy feel to it and the posts offer some unique ideas that can be easily achieved if you have the right materials. This website turns upcycling into an accessible hobby for people at all levels so if you’ve been intimidated by some of the other upcycling blogs, Love 2 Upcycle helps people start out on a small scale. There’s even some projects that you can do with the kids – so plenty of fun for the whole family.
27. Road Runners Waste Watchers Blog
Waste Watchers is a fun and informative blog created by recycling and waste management company, Road Runners. Each post is dedicated to helping the corporate world find better ways to save money and save the planet at the same time. This blog is one of our favourites; if you’re looking for new ways to uphold your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), this will give you plenty of ideas for the workplace.


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Thank you so much for including me in your round-up.
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Thanks for the shout out!
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