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How to create the best subscription boxes

 by tia on 05 Jan 2017 |
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How to create the best subscription boxes



Subscription boxes are getting more and more popular and will continue to into 2017.
There are many start-up companies trying to break into this industry and we thought we would provide you with a little
guidance to help start your journey.

The Idea

Light Bulb

The idea may have come to you already. However, there are some things you can consider when progressing your idea.

 Ensure to be targeting a niche or community.
By doing this it ensures you are targeting a specific type of person, which makes choosing the product easier and marketing
the product more specific.

Is it realistic?
Setting your goal high is never a bad thing as it strives you to always be better. However, ensure your goal is realistic so you can
monitor your steady growth and allow your business to bloom.

Questioning yourself is not necessarily a bad thing.
Sometimes it’s easy to be biased about your own idea. Ask yourself;
Would you enjoy the product? Would you be happy to receive it? How much would you pay for the product?
Is it helpful in day to day life? Can you relate to the company?
Ask your friends, your peers or family. Try and brainstorm and get some honest opinions.

The Product


The product is the main reason to create this package - to provide your customers with useful, relatable and beautiful products.
When deciding and creating your products it might be helpful to consider a few things.

Stay in touch with your customer and their needs.
Remember to always keep in mind why you are creating the box and what needs it will fulfil to your customers.
Try and relate to their lifestyle, what they need and why.

Sourcing the product.
When sourcing your product, get your entrepreneurial head on and negotiate your way to a great price and relationship with your suppliers.
The better relationship you have, the more you can both work together to better your product and have a relationship you can rely on.

The Experience

Gift Experience

Give your customers not just a box, but an experience. Here at the Tiny Box Company, our main goal is to make our customers see more than just a box.

The packaging and unravelling experience is very important for the first impression of your company.

"Steve and I spend a lot of time on the packaging," said Ive . "I love the process of unpacking something. You design a ritual of unpacking to make
the product feel special. Packaging can be theatre, it can create a story." - Jonathan Ive working with Steve Jobs

 The experience can be a mailing box branded and tied with rustic string arriving at the customer’s door, the excitement of opening it to find a handwritten note
(personalising the experience), lifting the note to find a perfect gift box tied with a satin bow…and the theatre can go on as much as you wish.
The sensory touch, smell, sight can help a consumer with their decision on your brand and product.

Shipping & Handling 

Delivery & Shipping
When shipping to your customer, it’s always useful to consider the size of your items, the packaging you want to use and the costs.
Obviously the smaller the parcel, the cheaper and easier the shipping. However, most monthly subscription boxes tend to be letterbox friendly or larger.
Ensure your packaging can handle the postal services as they can be a little rough at times and your products are well
packaged to survive it without any damage.
As your business grows, create a relationship with a well-renowned courier and their local branches.
They will be able to provide you with business account options and deals on your shipments as well as a reliable contact should anything go wrong.
Let us know if this is something you would like to know more about and we can do a Q&A on our social platforms.

Teaser Launch


Once you are happy with your product and packaging, now is a great time to do a teaser launch.
This could be outreaching to bloggers, going to the local shops, inviting potential customers to a small gathering, or asking focus groups.
This is the best time to ask people what they think. Try and create a group of people that you are trying to target the product towards,
ask them to fill in a poll, find out their opinion on the gift subscription box experience and ask for any feedback.

Ask your selected audience what membership options they would prefer to agree to. How you can gain their trust and what they would be prepared
to pay for your product. This gives you a great indication as to whether your product is the right price.

Once you have successfully completed your teaser launch, you can reflect on the feedback you have received and make any changes
you feel are relevant and useful. Try not to get down at this point, take the constructive criticism and use it to make your product even better.

Go to market

Market your product
Market your product!
After all your hard work in putting your product together, now it’s time to sell!
Focus on your target audience, get into their head, their day to day life and remember who you are talking to.
If you have nailed your product there is no reason why it shouldn’t sell, however, trial and error is always necessary,
the market changes all the time and you will need to reflect and adjust frequently to ensure you are upkeeping with your customer’s needs.
Don’t forget to get your customers opinion whenever you can to keep on improving.

Let us know on our social platforms whether you would like us to do a small business Q&A to help your start-up company.
Use the hashtag 
#tinybusinessQA to let us know what you think!
If there is anything you would like to see featured on our blog, please do not hesitate to email 

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company


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