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Gift Guide: 12 Valentines Gifts For Him and Her

 by tia on 07 Feb 2017 |
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Gift Guide: 12 Valentine's Gifts For Him and Her

(with packaging)



Valentine's Day is such a romantic occasion. Whether you are spending it with a partner or family and friends, there is always
an opportunity to buy someone special a lovely gift. However, we do sometimes struggle to come up with ideas for
a thoughtful gift, so we're here to help! Not only do we have some amazing gift ideas to
show you, but we also have the packaging to go with them.

1. Jewellery

Jewellery is sometimes only thought as a women's gift. However, there are some great jewellery items out there for men, and as 
trends are changing, more and more jewellery is being worn by men.
We have paired this gorgeous watch from
with our
Black & Grey Deep Bangle Shoulder Box

2. Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are such a great way to show your partner how much you know and love them. Whether it's a T-shirt or something else
you know they love, personalisation is a brilliant way to give them something made just for them.

We have paired this adorable T-shirt from:
with our
Luxury Black A4 Gift Box

3. A Thoughtful Gift

Giving a partner or friend a gift that you know is a personal goal, such as the map above, where
your partner can scratch off each place they've visited. For a wanderlust, it's a brilliant gift, especially if it's a joint goal.
We have paired this scratch map from:
Maps International
with our
Ocean Blue Double Faced Satin ribbon

4. Experience

An experience really is priceless. Either treating your partner to something special or joining them. It will always be a memory you have
given them.
Pair your experience from:
Virgin Experience Days
with our
Luxury Voucher Boxes

5. Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts can be romantic or funny. They are a great little gift to give share a bit of laughter with someone special.

We have paired a novelty book from:
with our
Luxury Stationery Gift Boxes

6. Gadgets

What man doesn't love a gadget! There is such a variety of gadgets and tech out there to suit everyone, it's a brilliant
way to show you really care about what your partner is interested in.

We paired:
Men's Tech from MenKind
with our
Luxury Black Deep Snap-shut Gift Box - great for accessories.

1. Jewellery

Most women love jewellery of some kind or another. Having something to wear on a daily basis from a loved one is lovely.

We have paired this gorgeous rose gold bracelet from:
Merci Maman
with our
Deluxe Hinged Pendant Gift Box

2. Beauty
Beauty gifts are a lovely way to give your loved ones something they can really enjoy and pamper themselves with.
There are handmade options or luxury options and choose the scent you think your partner will enjoy!

We paired body lotion from:
Quintessentially English
with our
Kraft Flatpacked Beauty Bottle Box

  3. Handmade Gifts


A handmade gift goes such a long way. To know you have put your love and soul into a handmade item can mean the world
to your loved one.

Here we have paired a handmade mug from:
At The Picket Fence.com
with our
White Ribbed Flatpacked Mug Box

4. Experience

Experiences, in the same way as 'his' gifts, are a wonderful way to share a memory with someone you love.

We have paired a dinner experience with
Red Letter Days
with our
Luxury White Voucher Gift Box

5. Fashion

Finding something 'in style' that the lady in your life would love is the perfect way to show you care.
This might be something they have talked about lots (hint hint) or something you know they have asked for.
Take a look around, there are some amazing fashion pieces made by small businesses that can be really unique.

We have paired this scarf from:
The Forest & Co
with our
Luxury White Square Gift Box

6. Gadgets

It's not just the guys that get to have all the fun! There are some amazing gadgets out there aimed at a woman's style.
These cute little Bluetooth speakers are a brilliant, useful and novelty gadget that anyone would find adorable!

We have paired the speakers from:
The Discovery Store
with our
Luxury White Candle Box


If there is anything you would like to see featured on our blog, please do not hesitate to email 

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company



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