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How a box is made!

 by tia on 06 Jul 2017 |
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How a box is made!

We thought this blog would give a great behind the scenes insight into how boxes are actually made.

Since acquiring our factory in Cornwall, we have had many queries as to how the boxes are created, the
processes throughout and the final result.

Die Cutting
Once you have chosen your box size, we get a die cutting form made to your requested size.
The boxboard is placed in the die and it folds and scores seam lines.
Tooling is a one-off charge for a customer per size of box. The more you order, the better the price works out.
Sometimes manual intervention is required for a perfect finish.

To create the box shape, the corners are taped in a taping machine.
Each corner is held together and is placed manually onto the machine, it applies thick
tape to the corners for strength and shape.

The paper covering, once printed, is put through the glueing machine which evenly coats the underside with glue.
The boxboard is then laid onto the paper and smoothed all the way around manually until fully covered and even.

Finished product!
And your box is done! At this stage, foil printing can be added to the lid of the box.
If you require foil printing on the edges or base of the box, this may be printed before the box is made up.

Other additions can be made such as drawers, sleeves, satin inserts and more.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a bespoke box, please drop our bespoke team an email on
bespoke@tinyboxcompany.com. Our minimum order is 50 boxes per size.

If there is anything else you would like to see on our blog, do not hesitate to contact me on tia@tinyboxcompany.com

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company


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