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GSM vs Microns - Do you know the difference?

 by tia on 13 Jul 2017 |
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GSM vs Microns - Do you know the difference?

When choosing your packaging it is important to know what you are purchasing. Most packaging companies
will use either GSM or Microns to describe their products. By knowing some basic knowledge of each,
you will be able to select the perfect packaging for your product.

If you are creating your own packaging with our bespoke department, a main question you will be asked
is the weight or thickness you wish your box to be to hold the product. By knowing the weight of your product,
you will be able to determine the best GSM or Microns for the job.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for Grams Per Square Meter, a measurement used to identify the weight
of different types of paper and card.

The higher the value of GSM, the heavier the piece of paper. So a 1msq 400gsm paper weighs 400 grams
100 gsm – 200 grams, per square meter of paper
120 gms – 120 grams, per square meter of paper
200 gsm – 500 grams, per square meter of paper

Our Luxury Boxes are 1200GSM. A heavy and sturdy board. They are perfect for stationery, clothing and more.
They can take quite a bit of weight and are perfect if you're looking for something to protect your product.

What is a Micron?

Card thickness is traditionally measured in Microns using a micrometre.
1000 Microns = 1mm, so the more microns, the thicker the card or paper. 

Our box board is usually measured in Microns. Thickness of card sold usually starts at around 500 microns, and
finishes at around 3000. The larger the box, usually reflects a thicker card used the make the finished product.
1000 microns – 1mm
1200 microns – 1.2mm
1500 microns – 1.5mm
2000 microns – 2mm
3000 microns – 3mm

Our popular Kraft Range is 800 Microns. These boxes are very cost effective and are mostly used
for displaying products in shops or fairs. They are not as sturdy as our luxury boxes, but are ideal for
presenting jewellery, coasters, USB sticks and smaller accessories.

If you are interested in getting a quote for a bespoke box or some more information, please drop our bespoke team
an email on bespoke@tinyboxcompany.com. Our minimum order is 50 boxes per size.

If there is anything else you would like to see on our blog, do not hesitate to contact me on tia@tinyboxcompany.com

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company


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