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How Big Is Your Package?

 by tia on 27 Jul 2017 |
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How Big Is Your Package?

Looking for a box? Not sure what size you need? Wait no more….
There’s nothing more annoying than scrolling through 100’s of boxes, being unsure
if your products are going to fit. Millimetres, centimetres, inches, GSM and Microns.
It can all get a bit much!

Do you need a gift box for a birthday? Wedding? Baby Shower? Or just for storage?
Follow the step by step below to make sure you can get an idea of how to size your items to
your box and your box to your items. Make sure your gifts…. fit into your gift box! 

Step one:
Arrange your items onto a piece of card/paper in the layout that you wish to have them in the box.
(You may have to test different variations to get into a good shape)

Step Two:
Measure around the items using a ruler or tape measure, to create a square/rectangle around the items.
Don’t forget the measure the height!! 

Step three:
Write down your measurements in Length (longest length) x Width (across) and height
(bottom to 
top/base to top of lid). 

Step four:
Look on the Tiny Box Company “Find your box by size” page.
This will then give you the opportunity to view
all of our boxes by size. Starting with length, width and height.
Remember. Box dimensions are measured as internal (inside of the box).
It is usually safer to look slightly larger than you require. 

Step 5:
 Choose a box that best meets your measurements and style.

Still can’t find what you are looking for? –
Check out the bespoke page to see if we can provide a bespoke quote for your gift box.


If there is anything else you would like to see on our blog, do not hesitate to contact me on tia@tinyboxcompany.com


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