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Branding that Sticks

 by hayley on 06 Nov 2017 |
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Branding that Sticks

One of the most effective and easiest ways to brand your packaging is by applying logo printed labels. We offer an extensive labelling service with many different options and it is a faster alternative to our hot foil printing for those who require branding on their packaging fast.
As with our hot foil printing, our labelling service is printed in house on our high-tech labelling machine by our art department. By printing our labels in house, it keeps costs down allowing us to offer you a competitively priced service.

Size matters

A full range of different sized labels are on offer to ensure we have an option for every piece of packaging from small to large. The following sizes square labels are available:
44 x 44cm
59 x 59cm
30 x 40cm
30 x 60cm
45 x 70cm
72 x 101cm
90 x 140.5cm

We also have different shaped labels coming soon.
Finish first

We can print labels with a matt or a gloss finish. The choice of finish depends on the overall look you would like to achieve. The matt finish offers a contemporary look while the gloss finish offers a high-end luxury look.
The difference is subtle yet effective. As you can see below, the top row of labels is the matt finish and the bottom row is the gloss finish. The main difference is when the label is moved, the gloss catches the light for a professional shine, while the matt does not reflect the light.

All the colours of the rainbow
Full colour printing is standard for our labels so we can print any colours desired.
No waiting game
With a short lead time from order to delivery, it won’t take too long at all to have these labels popping through your door. This ensures that if you need them fast, we can get them to you fast.
To read more about our labelling service, click here.



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