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How to Make a Custom Gift Box for Christmas

 by tom on 10 Oct 2014 |
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Christmas is a wonderful time for sharing affection and presents with your loved ones, and one fantastic way to make a gift extra special is with a custom gift box. A unique package will show your family and friends that you have really gone the extra mile this year. On a selfless note this will make you feel great, and on a selfish note you are almost guaranteed better pressies next year – which will make you feel great! Custom boxes are also ideal if you have an odd shaped present to wrap.
So if you would like to make your very own custom Christmas gift boxes this festive season, we can help. If there’s one thing we know, it’s gift boxes, so here is what to do, in 5 easy steps:

1) Prepare your supplies
The typical items you will need to construct your own custom gift box include the following:
Sellotape – A clear roll of sellotape will always come in handy around Christmas time, especially if you’re making boxes.
Craft glue dots – Ideal for adding items to your plain box without having to use tape everywhere.
Tissue paper – An excellent material for either wrapping or stuffing a customised box.
Raffia – An excellent packaging alternative or addition to tissue paper.
Ribbon – No thoughtful Christmas present is complete without it.
Card/paper embellishments – Cut out images and shapes to add a personal touch to your package.

2) Choose your box size and shape
Once you know what you are wrapping then you can choose an appropriate box size and shape. Here you can choose from a huge range of plain boxes from the Tiny Box Company selection, that you can then make your own.

3) Jazz it up
After you’ve chosen the right box it’s time to jazz it up and give it that personal touch. The best way to do this is with your own embellishments. These can be cut out pieces of card or paper featuring festive characters such as Santa or a reindeer, or maybe a frosty snowman. These can be stuck down with discreet craft glue dots which will hold them in place, allowing you to forgo messy glue paste.

christmas gift boxes

4) Add your Christmas stuffing
The inside of your custom Christmas box is just as important as the outside, which is why you need to consider your stuffing. Traditionally tissue paper is used for this, and it can look lovely, in your chosen colour to match the box. A nice alternative is raffia, a natural straw which is available in a straw colour or bright, festive red.

5) Finish with ribbon
As we have said, no Christmas present is complete without a generous wrapping of ribbon. Here you can opt for a classy slender strip of ribbon tied in a subtle bow, or go for some wide, brightly coloured ribbon that screams Merry Christmas.


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