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29 Christening Gift Ideas

 by tom on 13 Aug 2015 |
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A christening ceremony holds much more importance to a family than just the religious significance in modern times.  These days for many parents and families, the Christening ceremony is a mark of new life and a ritual which celebrates bringing a new member into the extended family. The Church of England alone carries out over 10,000 christenings every month; so the meaning of baptism in early life is still very much valued by people in the UK. And of course, there’s always a great food and drink soiree to follow, so it’s a fantastic family affair.

Although not compulsory, many family members and friends like to bring presents and cards to thank the family their invitation – and also to wish the baby a happy and healthy life. If you are unsure of what to bring as a christening gift, take a look at our list of ideas below…


1 | Baby’s First Tooth Trinket Box
It’s not unusual for parents to treasure sentimental things such as the baby’s first tooth, or even first lock of hair. There are many gift retailers offering a wide selection of silver trinkets and gifts – and a baby’s first tooth box will be much appreciated by the doting mum and dad.

2| Baby’s First Cutlery Set
Silver cutlery is a beautiful symbolic gift and you can even get a stunning set of silver cutlery engraved with the baby’s name and date of birth. Quite often, silver cutlery is displayed in a special display box and will not be used until a very special occasion when the baby is older.

3| Money Box with Baby’s Name / Initials
A money box is something that can be appreciated by both the parents and the baby (when they are old enough to understand the concept of money and saving). Children’s money boxes are great for instilling the importance of hard-work and education; an important life lesson, all in one small gift.

4| Framed Word Cloud
Word cloud prints are fantastic for all ages which means that it will retain meaning throughout the baby’s older years. Head to a specialist gift website such as Notonthehighstreet.com and get a bespoke one made for the new baby; include their birth date, place of birth, full name, parents’ names, home town, or any other meaningful features that may be special to the family.

5| Personalised Christening Candle
Candles are extremely symbolic at christening ceremonies, especially if the family are very devoted Christians. The symbolism around candles in Christianity simply represents a source of light; and it’s the source of light which brings goodness and purity into the life of the new baby. So give the new arrival a personalised candle packaged in a beautiful gift box, something that the family can treasure for years to come and light on very special occasions. 

6| Christening Plate / Personalised Pottery
If you want to gift the new baby with something they can use, why not get a hand-painted christening plate with their name on? Or even better – buy some porcelain paints and design one yourself. Just make sure you learn how to fire the pottery work after you’re finished – and don’t forget to purchase enough raffia or filler to keep it protected in its gift box! 

7| Laser Etched Photograph
If you already have a photo of the beautiful baby, why not get a personalised laser etched photograph gift made up for the doting parents? Perhaps you have a photo of the mother child shortly after delivery, a lovely family photo of them all, or just the baby on his/her own? This is a perfect present if you’re a family member, close friend or a God parent.

8| Name A Star Gift Set
Go to Notonthehighstreet.com or Gettingpersonal.co.uk to purchase a ‘Name a Star’ gift set; this thoughtful gesture allows the parents to claim an unnamed star in the galaxy and name it after their baby. Package it up in one of our pretty gift bags and you'll have the perfect offering!

9| Personalised Nursery Rhymes Book
A baby’s first books are extremely important; these books will act as the building blocks of the rest of his/her life. The first ever sources of knowledge and education; they impact on our children’s brain development much more than we could ever realise. Make sure that this baby’s first book is a personalised one; nursery rhymes which include personal references; something that the child can reflect back on with much joy in years to come.  

10| Personalised Bible
Although some christening ceremonies are about family and celebration more than anything else, other parents may have a strong connection with their faith and are very devoted to their church. A personalised bible for the baby will be a very meaningful gift, one which will complete the day for them and consolidate their religious beliefs.

11| Baby’s First Teddy Bear
If religious symbolism isn’t something you are comfortable with, opt for a light-hearted gift that the baby will absolutely fall in love with. A baby’s first teddy bear will be a huge part of his/her early life and will be the one to console him/her when they are unhappy. But don’t worry if your bear isn’t the first – one can never have too many teddies.

12| Personalised Christmas Bauble
If you’re attending a winter ceremony that falls near the holiday season, a really wonderful gift idea is a personalised bauble with the baby’s name and date of birth engraved or painted on it. This is fantastic way of helping the family mark the baby’s first Christmas and it will adorn their tree for many years to come.

13| Personalised Bib
A baby’s bib will get so much use, so if you are the practical type – this could be the best present option. Make it a little more special by getting a personalised one made up. Use one of our flat gift boxes to present it.

14| Christening Blanket 
A christening blanket is a very traditional gift choice, one that is often reserved for close family members or a god parent. Classic christening blankets need to be handmade by experts and can take up to a week or two weeks to produce, so make sure you order it in advance.

15| Birthstone Necklace 
Birthstones are brilliant presents for any age, so perhaps this is something that can be treasured and used for a long time. Some parents will not allow their newborns or even toddlers wear jewellery due to small parts. But you could always get a child’s version for when the baby grows up – or perhaps a necklace which can be worn by the mother.

16| Engraved Silver Bracelet  
Bracelets are very common gifts for new baby girls. It’s the perfect christening gift if you are a close friend or family member. We have a huge selection of jewellery gift boxes and tissue paper filler to help you get the most fabulous presentation on the day – or to send in the post if you can’t make the ceremony.

17| Name A Rose  
If astrology doesn’t suit the new born baby girl, make her feel extra special with a flower named after her. There are millions of unnamed flower species in the world – so take this opportunity to let the new baby girl mark a piece of history with her name. 

18| Traditional Christening Dress  
Gift the newborn baby girl with a traditional dress that can be passed down from generation to generation. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby girl, Princess Charlotte became the 7th royal baby to wear the historic family Honiston lace gown; so it’s clear that christening gowns still hold a lot of significance today. This gift is best for a close family member of a god parent.

19| Pink Bible  
For religious families, a bible is the perfect present. Establishing the baby’s faith from an early age is extremely important and they will be grateful for your support in their religion. Make the gift extra special with a personalised pink cover.

20| Designer Baby Dress
Splashing out on designer clothes probably isn’t going to be the parents’ first priority now that they have a new addition in their home; practical purchases such as cots, prams and equipment will come first. So why not treat the new baby girl to a beautiful designer baby dress.

21| Baby’s First Doll  
Dolls are an important part of early development in children. The role of a doll is to provide companionship and comfort as well as imparting the important life lessons of caring for others. In psychological terms, a baby’s first doll helps to develop sympathetic and empathetic attitudes, making it a hugely significant gift.

22| Handmade Bespoke Cot
If the new family are yet to purchase their cot – or they’re currently using a hand me down – why not surprise them with a stunning handmade cot? If you’re impressive with woodwork you could even give it a go yourself instead of enlisting external help. If it’s not something you can do, there are plenty of nursery furniture specialists who can help you design something completely unique.

23| Engraved Name Bracelet Charm
Bracelet charms have a lot of longevity because they can quickly become collector’s items. Each year, you can gift a brand new charm to be added to a bracelet that she can appreciate in later life when she takes an interest in wearing jewellery. We have a large range of jewellery gift boxes online to ensure your gift is presented beautifully.

24| Baby’s First Football  
Soft footballs for babies and toddlers are not only fun gifts to induce healthy play and sport, but they are also not too expensive either. So if you’re shopping on a small budget, head to a children’s toy store to find the very football that this baby boy will ever kick. Perfect for a football mad family!

25| Baby Football Shirt
If the whole family support the same football team then your job couldn’t be easier; when the parents support opposing teams, it could be a bit of a tricky dilemma. But either way, a baby’s first football shirt is of huge cultural/sporting significance and will mark the path of many football games in the future. A really great gift item for active families who love their football.

26| Christening Socks
Christening gowns are unisex and you will see as many baby boys wearing them as girls. But if the parents aren’t keen on the idea of a gown for their little one, why not opt for some personalised christening socks instead? Get these made with their name / initials or if you’re a dab hand, embroider your own. Go for a white cotton or a pale blue.

27| The Blue Baby Gift Hamper  
Stuck for ideas? Don’t just go for one – choose a selection of gifts for a blue themed hamper. Just make sure your basket the perfect finish with some blue coloured tissue paper or raffia and of course a pretty blue ribbon to complete the gift hamper look.

28| Baby’s First Building Blocks  
LEGO will be way too advanced at such a tender age but there are plenty of other building blocks, including some which are suitable for 12 month olds. Building blocks not only provide hours of fun for young babies but they are a huge part of early development; so make sure that this on your gift list somewhere along the line.

29| Designer Shoes / Trainers
Baby shoes are the cutest aren’t they? Designer kicks will be the source of every ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’ of cooing relatives and friends. Make sure you tick that cool aunty/uncle box by gifting the little baby boy with his first pair of real designer shoes. He will love them and so will the parents.
We hope our list of ideas has been useful and will help you find the perfect christening present. For gift packaging such as boxes, tissue paper, raffia, filler, ribbon or other extras, make sure you browse our full range of products online. We also a range of mailing boxes if you’re unable to make the event or you want to post the item separately.

If you’re not sure about which box is best for your gift, the easiest thing to do is to measure the dimensions of your gift and use our Find Your Box by Size guide on our website.


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