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4 Photography Packaging Tips!

 by alice on 27 Apr 2017 |
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4 Photography Packaging Tips!

More and more photographers are requesting ideas and tips for their packaging needs.

We thought we would show you in this blog some great packaging ideas and tips for photographers.

How to package your USB sticks.
USB Boxes
This is one of our most frequent requests.
We have a selection of Luxury boxes perfect to fit 
your USB sticks.
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Select your ribbon to match your brand.
Tie the USB to the removable insert and secure
at the back. When you put the foam back
inside the box, the knot will be hidden and the
USB will be perfectly fastened.
This is a professional and
stunning solution.


Presenting your prints
Here we give you some brilliant tips to
ensure you provide your customers with the best
experience and product.
Satin ribbon looks stunning paired with our 
photography boxes.

Adding a piece of satin ribbon underneath your prints
allows your customers to pull all prints out neatly
without risking fingerprint marks or scuffing.
Hand-written letter.
Create a little welcome letter for your client.
Use ribbon to tie your letter, notes and USB
This creates a wonderful client experience.
Loop a little satin ribbon and tape to the inside
of the lid edge.
This creates a tab to lift off the lid carefully without
shaking the box and damaging the contents.
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If you found this helpful and want some more tips and tricks for your industry do let us know on our
 Facebook page @tinyboxcompany

Written by Tia | Tiny Box Company



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