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Why you should always use a Gift Box for your Gifts

 by hayley on 14 Nov 2017 |
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Why you should always use a Gift Box for your Gifts

Gift Boxes are the only packaging option you need when wrapping up your gifts.

When you offer your gift to its lucky recipient, you’re not just giving them a present, you are giving them an experience.
There are a variety of different gift packaging options that you can use to wrap up your gift but nothing quite exudes luxury like a gift box does. You could also use tissue paper and ribbon to further dress up your gift to make it even more special. Finally, popping the gift box in a lovely bag full of natural raffia will really set your gift off.
But isn’t it about the present itself?
Of course, well somewhat. However, your gift wrapping is the first impression. It’s what excites the recipient and builds anticipation. Is a gift really a gift without any sort of gift wrapping? Maybe, but presentation is everything and will make the gift appear much more special.
The history of gift wrapping goes back a long way with origins in Ancient China in 2nd century BC. If it’s existed for that long, you would think it’s worth embracing it for your presents right?

Why a Gift Box?
Wrapping paper is a cheap and easy way to wrap up your presents but it can somewhat lack the wow factor.
Millions of tonnes of wrapping paper end up in landfill over the festive period while gift boxes tend to be reused due to their robust nature. Also, our gift boxes are recycled so they make for an environmentally considered gift wrapping choice.
 Giving your present in a gift box builds excitement for your gift while also having no way of detecting what exactly is in inside. Ideal for prying eyes and serial present guessers!
So this Christmas, consider using a gift box for your gifts. The perfect, luxury and environmentally friendly gift packaging option. 

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